Winter is Here: The Best and Worst Tracks of Game of Thrones Season 4

We’ve all been ready since the finale last year, but the time has finally come to immerse ourselves in Westeros once more. We’ve been reading the books, consulting psychics, rewatching seasons 1-4 on repeat, and most importantly, listening to the tracks from last season. It was good, it was bad, it was ugly. **No spoilers for anything going forward, but I can’t guarantee your sanity if you haven’t seen season 4 yet** Read More Winter is Here: The Best and Worst Tracks of Game of Thrones Season 4

Recipe Roundup: Thinking Pink

This Roundup is late for a very important date. If this Roundup had been late for its period, it wouldn’t be looking for two blue lines. Oh no. This Roundup would be seeing its midwife for a dating scan. Persephoneers, this Roundup can barely bring itself to admit that it is late for a very important date. Deep breaths. It’s okay. This Roundup missed February 15th. Half-Price Chocolate Day. It — it’s okay. We can get through this together. There was April’s attempt at chocolate celebrations, but nothing quite lives up to the anticipation of February 15th. Those prices. Those chocolates. So clutch your pearls, it’s time for a shotgun Roundup of all things pink. Read More Recipe Roundup: Thinking Pink

The Shittiest Princess and the Darkest Timeline

The Shittiest Princess is a series of funny fairy tales for those of us who ain’t exactly cartoon princesses. Stay tuned for a new adventure every week!  You can find the whole series here.

There were, once upon a time, two childhood girlfriends named Poot and Bucky. Poot was the shittiest princess, and Bucky was the shittiest daughter of a duke this side of Hazard County. Bucky was so named because her front teeth stuck straight out. Also, because she resembled a bronco.

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Book Review: Electric Literature No.2

When Electric Literature was no longer releasing their print volumes with five stories each, and were instead focusing on their Recommended Reading project, I had two issues left in my paid subscription. They were kind enough to send me numbers 2 and 3, which I did not yet have. I wanted to make sure I had this particular issue of the lit mag for two reasons: Colson Whitehead and Lydia Davis.

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Weekly Anime Review

The spring season has started. I’ve got no shows continuing from the Winter season, but there are quite a few shows worth looking at. I’m of course watching the second season of shows I’ve watched previously, like Fate/Stay Night. There is also an OVA-turned-TV show of Ghost in the Shell that I would watch even if it was awful. The rest are new series that seemed interesting; Kekkai Sensen because of the weird setting, Owari no Seraph because the animation looked good in the previews and because I like “historical” anime, usually. Read More Weekly Anime Review