Expat Ramblings: Just Popping In

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Family gatherings are difficult when you live abroad. Spending Christmas together is expensive, birthday presents arrive through the post, and when your children drive you insane, you can’t drop them off at a well-meaning relative’s house for an afternoon. I’d love to have coffee with my sister once a week, but we only manage three times a year. It’s hard, … Read More

KaroExpat Ramblings: Just Popping In

Career Goals For The Real World

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For generations, we’ve illustrated ‘the American Dream’ as being a place “where anyone can grow up to be president.” But these days, one look at President Obama’s weary face & gray hair, not to mention the merciless way people can attack any public figure anonymously, is enough to scare off impressionable kids. (Can you imagine the field day internet trolls … Read More

Lauren MayerCareer Goals For The Real World

Record Machine: Echo & The Bunnymen

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I love Echo & The Bunnymen’s self-titled 1987 album almost as much as I love their 1984 masterpiece Ocean Rain, but the self-titled is the one I have on vinyl, so here we are. Let’s talk about it.

Sara HabeinRecord Machine: Echo & The Bunnymen

Weekly Anime Review

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There was a lot of talking this week on all of the shows. It’s like it was Let’s Talk week. Mahouka took it really slow despite only having a few episodes left to finish the current story arc. I guess the battles are going to go fast. Captain Earth delivered what was more or less a filler episode from my point-of-view right before the … Read More

Jordan SheaWeekly Anime Review

Ask UfYH: Who Even Works 9 to 5 Anymore?

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Q: I just started a new job where I’m working twice as many hours as I’m used to, and my schedule is all over the place (some days, some nights, a random day off in the middle of the week instead of a weekend). My routines are all screwed up, and my house is a mess. How do I figure … Read More

[E] pileofmonkeysAsk UfYH: Who Even Works 9 to 5 Anymore?