A Holi Playlist

Spring is here, which means that it’s time for the best holiday that has been turned into corporate marketing that isn’t Christmas. It’s Holi!

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News in Asia

Hi everyone. Welcome to another week of news. Turns out, it was allergies, not a cold that had me under the weather last week. I’ve never had allergies like that before and for those of you who have always suffered, I now understand. Now, here’s the news… Read More News in Asia

Weekly Anime Review

There were a lot of explosions this week. Things blew up in Iron-Blooded Orphans, Heavy Object, and Ajin. Explosions were aborted in Active Raid; the bomb didn’t explode. ERASED had no explosion, but it was still a nice episode. Read More Weekly Anime Review

Never Buy a Puppy From a Pet Store

In rescue I worked very hard to be diplomatic; in this column less so. Still, this one might be one for the record books. Here goes: if you buy a puppy from a pet shop, you are encouraging animal cruelty. Read More Never Buy a Puppy From a Pet Store

Weekly Anime Review

A slightly less action-oriented week for my shows — well, outside of Heavy Object, which had an action-packed arc finale. Iron-Blooded Orphans was more about setting up the new arc on Earth. Active Raid focused on Haruka, who is a lot more into trains than fighting people. ERASED tread on old grounds. Ajin had some fighting, but it focused more on who Kei is. Read More Weekly Anime Review