New Show Recap: Scandal, 3×18, “The Price of Free and Fair Elections”

The season finale of Scandal was crammed full of action, wasn’t it? It easily could have been two or three shows, not just one. Well, that’s what happens when real life intervenes. Kerry Washington was pregnant, and Scandal had to shave off several episodes from the end of the season. A lot of events had to get moved up the timeline. And this is something I am willing to make excuses for. There are other things I can’t, though, and I’ll talk about them later. For now, though, onward with the review. Also, trigger warning for child death. Continue reading

This Week in Misogyny is Your Brain on Engineering

Some schools may be on Passover/spring break this week, but misogyny didn’t take the week off. Instead, we’ve learned that young girls think it’s normal to be sexually harassed, that even women who become CEOs aren’t exempt from harassment, and that we shouldn’t try to earn the same wages as men if we ever want to catch a husband. Sigh. At least there’s a new GoldieBlox ad! With a baby chicken! (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Continue reading