A Model Student

I was a pretty shy kid. I decided in high school that: 1. I wanted to be more outgoing and 2. I didn’t care if I looked foolish if it meant other people could learn from me. I was successful for the most part, but I continued pushing myself in college.

One fine fall day during my third year of school, I saw an ad placed by the art department. “Life Drawing Class Model needed. Nude, $10/hr. Draped, $8/hr. Contact So-and-So in the Art Building.” At last, I thought, my chance to be outgoing, humiliate myself, and have others learn from me. I applied for the job.

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I Thought “Don’t Drink The Water” Was Only For Other Countries

If you’re as old as I am, or a devotee of topical comedy songs, you might be familiar with Tom Lehrer’s song, “Pollution,” in which tourists were advised, when visiting the U.S., “Don’t drink the water and don’t breathe the air.” Which was making fun of the traditional advice to American tourists visiting other countries, advice which is still given regarding many destinations. (And rightly so in some cases — apparently journalists covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi received notes in their hotel rooms warning them not to drink the tap water or put it on their faces because it “contained something bad” and was a dark yellow color. Some news anchors compared it to the color of beer, although as Jon Stewart pointed it, it looked more like “the result of beer.” But I digress.) Continue reading

Record Machine: The Community College Comes A’Callin’

Two months ago, a friend of mine who works as a librarian at our local college posted a photo of an “RCA Victor Prevue” record on Facebook with the caption, “This morning the maintenance crew at the College discovered boxes of what appear to be old vinyl records. I need help figuring out who could take a look and tell me if there are any of value that the library should keep. Any idea who to call?” I may have responded enthusiastically.

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I Hate Nutella, Sex, and Neil deGrasse Tyson

I’ve been writing for P-Mag for a while now, and I’ve noticed a subtle change in the way I think about headlines. I wrote about what I cared about for a long time, and that was my only consideration. That was before I started seeing the weekly readership statistics. P-Mag has run a lot of amazing articles on a range of subjects, but every week, like clockwork, the posts about sex are at the top. It makes me get a little competitive, and maybe a little desperate. Sometimes I am extremely tempted to write articles specifically on topics that will draw a lot of readers. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. To date, the editors of P-Mag have not been receptive to these, but I expect I’ll wear them down eventually. Continue reading

Weekly Anime Review

Olympics break means two shows were skipped this week: Samurai Flamenco and Nobunaga The Fool. The others are staying current, though. Tokyo Raven is ramping up the finale and it might end up stressful. Buddy Complex cruises on Sunrise mecha show script and Nobunagun shows some nice action and drops really interesting information to move the plot. Continue reading

Ask UfYH: Put it Away, Goddammit!

Q: Any suggestions for dealing with when the “put it away” part of doing the clothes washing gets too tiring? I struggle with loss of momentum if I take a break, but washing and drying THEN sorting and folding and putting away gets too tiring and it always just ends up piled up in the drawer in a way that’s impossible to find anything. Is there a simpler or more low maintenance way to sort stuff so I can find my clean shirts for once? Continue reading

Bringing Your Dog Home: Prepping Your Home and Getting Through the First Night

Adopting a dog is wonderful and exciting, but no matter how well you’ve screened your new pal, it involves bringing a strange dog into your house and seeing what they do. That might, and probably will, involve a few house training errors, a bit of nervous chewing, and a few surprises. For a dog, it’s an exciting, overwhelming, and scary experience, and there are new rules, faces, and places to learn. It’s a lot to take in and it can be hard to fit smoothly into an alien household. Here are some tips for making that transition go a little smoother. Continue reading