Linotte Reads Fifty Shades: Fifty Shades Freed, Chapter Eight

Happy Wednesday, Persephoneers! It’s time for another recap of Fifty Shades Freed. I swear this chapter was so godawful, I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room. I’ve selected some of the choicest parts for you and have provided my commentary, just so you can see for yourselves how awful this book is. A great piece of erotica . . . really? The people who think so should really look at their lives and their reading choices.

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Crimea River: What the Hell is Happening in Ukraine?

Over the weekend, Russia essentially declared war on Ukraine, authorizing military force in Crimea and sending troops to occupy the area.  As I write this, there are rumors that they will strike overnight, or provoke violence so as to retaliate, or fabricate violence so as to retaliate.  Ukraine and Russia have a shared cultural and linguistic history – what the hell is happening? Continue reading

My Summer of 2002

For years now, I have barely listened to music. Had anybody suggested such a thing to me when I was 20, I would have yelled “But music is my life!” and considered swearing at them, but things changed. I had kids. They are loud. I longed for moments of complete silence. I started working for a music magazine and had to review random things that, for the most part, I didn’t enjoy. Then I lost my mp3 player somewhere around the house and never really bothered looking for it. Continue reading

Weekly Anime Review

The end of the wesinter season approach and the shows are really moving toward their finales or mid-season cliffhangers. Lots of tears in Tokyo Raven and Nobunaga The Fools. Samurai Flamenco came up with its craziest episode yet, if that was possible. Buddy Complex set up the temporal paradox and, finally, Nobunagun had an action-focused episode this week. Continue reading

Getting a Dog: Surviving the First Weeks

The first few days of having a new dog are nerve-wracking. You’ve got a strange animal in your house and you can’t quite be sure what they’ll do, but after a couple of days you start to develop a pattern and figure out how things will work. You get comfortable, which is why it’s so upsetting when your new dog also gets comfortable and is replaced with the actual dog you’ve adopted. Here are some tips for dealing with the first few weeks with a new dog. Some of it repeats advice about the first night with your new dog. That’s because you’re going to want to relax your guard after the original excitement is over, and that’s a big mistake.  Continue reading