LadyGuide: How to Make Friends

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[Original publication date: March 29, 2012] Mouth-breather I am not. I’m socially adept, I have a quick wit, and I can flit around a party with the most social of butterflies. I have online dated, been to meetups, and taken classes. And you know what I’ve learned? Making friends is difficult. Post-college, post-breakup, post-new city, making friends is sometimes way … Read More

[E] Sally LawtonLadyGuide: How to Make Friends

Selena’s Pantry Raid: Marshmallows a la MacIntosh

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[Original publication date: April 30, 2012] Readers, making candy is a blast. It’s all the best parts of cooking and science rolled into one, with a delightful treat at the end. Today, join me in my pantry raid as we make some spectacular homemade marshmallows. With embellishments. Oh yeah.

[E] Selena MacIntosh*Selena’s Pantry Raid: Marshmallows a la MacIntosh

Ask UfYH: Don’t Give Me This Whole “Men Don’t See the Mess” Bullshit

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[Original publication date: Jan. 2, 2014] Q: My boyfriend and I just moved in together, and although we agreed on splitting the chores, I’m doing most of the cleaning. My boyfriend says it’s because men just don’t see dirt and messes like women do.  A: Oh, sweetie, your boyfriend’s full of shit.

[E] pileofmonkeysAsk UfYH: Don’t Give Me This Whole “Men Don’t See the Mess” Bullshit

When Roombas Attack

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[Original publication date: June 17, 2011] Let me say, first off, that I love my Roomba. In this scenario, the Roomba was only doing its job, and doing it to the best of its ability. Unfortunately…

Kym GWhen Roombas Attack

I Will Not Follow the Herd

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[Original publication date: April 29. 2014] I wish I had educated myself more before my first daughter was born. I can never undo my choices, and I will forever worry about the unnecessary danger I put her in, all the chemical exposure, the potentially life-threatening risks I put her through.

SusanI Will Not Follow the Herd

Micro-aggressions, Cat-calling, and Triggers, Oh My! A Record of Harassment

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[Original publication date: May 16, 2011] (Trigger warnings:  offensive images, talk of sexual assault, sexually aggressive language) Last week, Olivia wrote about the anger around the cat-call, saying, “Sometimes I feel like I have molten lava boiling right underneath the surface of my skin. It’s been building, and waiting, and accumulating all things toxic.”

Guest WriterMicro-aggressions, Cat-calling, and Triggers, Oh My! A Record of Harassment