Medication For Anxiety Is Magic for Dogs, Too

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Sometimes, even when you do everything to prevent it, your dog will develop a phobia. Or possibly an adult dog came to you with a phobia already well established. Counterconditioning and desensitization are invaluable for getting past these fears, but what if they’re not enough? That’s where medication can drastically improve the quality of life for you and your dog, … Read More

Laura-CMedication For Anxiety Is Magic for Dogs, Too

Gif Round Up: True Blood Edition

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Now that we’re counting down the days until the final episode of HBO’s True Blood airs later this summer, it’s time to reflect on the real gift this show has given us — amazing gifs.

[E] Slay BelleGif Round Up: True Blood Edition

We Try It: Free Books on E-Readers

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Sumertime equals reading time at my house. The children are reading for the summer program at our local library as well as keeping track of their time spent reading for school. I try to spend at least a half hour a day reading myself, and on pool days or road trip days, I log more time. 

[E] Sally J. FreedmanWe Try It: Free Books on E-Readers

Join the Binge Watch!

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“You young kids, you can’t wait for a new season. You have to watch every episode at once. You have no patience!” This was my mother, scolding me for watching the entire first season of Orange is the New Black in under a week. When I pointed out that if streaming services had been around when she was almost-30, she would … Read More

amandamariegJoin the Binge Watch!

Domestic Violence, Facilitated Dialogues, and Finding Inner Peace

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On Monday and Tuesday of this week, I attended a training for the Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue program here in Oregon. The program takes on a restorative justice model, by creating a space where surrogate victims and offenders of domestic violence can speak to each other about their experiences. The facilitated dialogue allows for victims to ask offenders why they … Read More

LuannDomestic Violence, Facilitated Dialogues, and Finding Inner Peace