Toys and Tater Tots: A Proposal Story

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I feel like I’m reading a lot of stories and seeing a lot of media that feature women who complain about a lack of engagement ring. One reason for this might be a lack of representation of women proposing to men; the only pop culture portrayal I can think of is Monica proposing to Chandler on Friends. And he was already planning … Read More

NatashaToys and Tater Tots: A Proposal Story

My First Credit Card

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I’m a freshly minted 28 year old and just received my first credit card in the mail. As credit cards are the source of all financial evil for 40% of the time (the rest goes to bankers and the government), I am thrilled and terrified about my financial future.

freckle [M]My First Credit Card

Weekly Anime Review

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Once again, some nice action and plot development this week. Somewhat normal weeks for the almost-ending shows like Mahouka and Captain Earth. There was also a lot of plot exposition, maybe a bit heavy-handed in some cases. Actually, that’s one of the annoying thing in recent anime: heavy-handed exposition. It just doesn’t flow that well, even if the information is … Read More

Jordan SheaWeekly Anime Review

Ask UfYH: Taking Shortcuts

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Q: I am often ill and overexertion makes me worse. When I’m having a bad time, the house gets squalid. Then when I feel better I CAN’T marathon, but slow and steady is slow. Are things like floor wipes and bathroom cleaning wipes really, really awful? A: It’s really easy for someone to say, “Yes, those things are awful. Never … Read More

[E] pileofmonkeysAsk UfYH: Taking Shortcuts