Movies I’m Weirdly Obsessed With: Wish Upon a Star

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Remember when Katherine Heigl wasn’t an often maligned TV star/rom-com maven? Remember when the Disney Channel had TV movies with budgets and plots that befit their low quality, limited audience reach, and very targeted appeal?

KarishmaMovies I’m Weirdly Obsessed With: Wish Upon a Star

The Easy Keeper: How to Adopt a Nice Dog

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There are going to be times in your life when you need an easygoing, lower-trouble dog. Don’t feel guilty about it. Those dogs need good homes, too, and you aren’t obliged to adopt only project dogs.

MorettaThe Easy Keeper: How to Adopt a Nice Dog

Well He’s Better Than The Other Guy, I Guess

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We are in the middle of midterm election season and if you’re like me, you were sick of the political ads months ago. I was overseas during the last presidential election and was spared the inundation of ads for political candidates who have approved this message and are supported by super PACs with more money than probably all the P-Mag … Read More

StephensWell He’s Better Than The Other Guy, I Guess

No Two Are the Same

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I’ve started this blog post two or three times and haven’t written it yet. Articulating my thoughts on this topic is often hard, because when you’re writing about things you’ve experienced first hand, it’s difficult to sound objective. [Trigger warning for discussion of domestic violence.]

Teri Drake-FloydNo Two Are the Same

Expat Ramblings: Just Popping In

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Family gatherings are difficult when you live abroad. Spending Christmas together is expensive, birthday presents arrive through the post, and when your children drive you insane, you can’t drop them off at a well-meaning relative’s house for an afternoon. I’d love to have coffee with my sister once a week, but we only manage three times a year. It’s hard, … Read More

KaroExpat Ramblings: Just Popping In

Career Goals For The Real World

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For generations, we’ve illustrated ‘the American Dream’ as being a place “where anyone can grow up to be president.” But these days, one look at President Obama’s weary face & gray hair, not to mention the merciless way people can attack any public figure anonymously, is enough to scare off impressionable kids. (Can you imagine the field day internet trolls … Read More

Lauren MayerCareer Goals For The Real World