Dwelling in Truth

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This essay is part of a year long series following one fed-up reader’s white literature “detox.” Read more here, and follow her book list here. The hood has a parking lot economy. If you drive down certain streets in predominately black neighborhoods, you’ll see tables and tents or sometimes just a pickup with its truck bed door open. Some of the products on … Read More

AshleyDwelling in Truth

Lunchtime Poll: Non-Canon Thanksgiving Foods

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Friends, I want to know what you make for Thanksgiving that isn’t considered Thanksgiving “canon,” so to speak. And for our non-American/non-Canadian readers, what would you make for Thanksgiving, if you decided to participate?

Sara HabeinLunchtime Poll: Non-Canon Thanksgiving Foods

This Week in Misogyny

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There was a ton of great writing about Bill Cosby this week, and because there needs to be balance in the universe or some shit, a corresponding amount of truly heinous commentary. Let’s dive on in. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

[E] HillaryThis Week in Misogyny

In Honor Of Mike Nichols, A Defense Of Mrs. Robinson

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Losing a creative visionary is always tragic — and we’ve just lost one of the most creative visionaries of the film world. Esteemed director Mike Nichols died today at age 83 of undisclosed causes. Though the name may not ring a bell immediately, you’ve probably seen at least one movie from his portfolio of dark, thoughtful films: Closer, Charlie Wilson’s War, … Read More

RavishlyIn Honor Of Mike Nichols, A Defense Of Mrs. Robinson

Kickstartable: Element Botanicals Project Make. More. Grow.

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This week’s Kickstartable spoke to me because HELLO WINTER. As soon as the air turns cold, my skin turns dry and cracked. I am always looking for quality skin products that can up my moisture retention rate. Element Botanicals seems to have products that will fit that bill. Their Project Make. More. Grow. will help get their products onto more … Read More

[E] Sally J. FreedmanKickstartable: Element Botanicals Project Make. More. Grow.