Editorial: Why “Companion Animal” is Necessary and Important

One of the things that I noticed in rescue is how poignantly it illustrates the concept of distancing language. When people would get in touch with me about giving up their family pet, it was always the same. In the initial email, people would use their pet’s name to describe her. After a few weeks, that turned into “she.” Shortly after that, the beloved family friend would become “the dog.” At that point, we knew we had only a few days before the dog would be deposited at the nearest pound. If we got a message referring to the dog as “it,” we needed to act that day. We knew that the owner had now completed the psychological journey that allowed them to strip the dog of its individual merits as a living, feeling being, and had given themselves permission to discard an animal. From that point on, they could, and did, ruthlessly ignore their dog’s feelings. We saw this time after time as owners left, stonefaced, while their newly abandoned dogs whimpered and cried in their fosters’ home. Continue reading Editorial: Why “Companion Animal” is Necessary and Important

Ask UfYH: Building Daily Habits

Q: How do you make keeping tidy a daily habit? Every few weeks I have major cleanups, but I never can keep it clean or develop a habit of doing doing a little each day.

A: There’s no one way that’s going to work for everyone, so you may have to try a few things and see what sticks. Continue reading Ask UfYH: Building Daily Habits

My Little Feminequist Pony: Lesbian Separatist Fan Fiction

“Do you ever get tired of stallions?” asked Celestia, flopping down next to her Luna on the chaise lounge. “I mean, do you ever feel like this palace is practically seething with testosterone-fuelled rivalry? Sometimes I’m just so over it.”

“It’s bad enough being a princess, with all the gender garbage that goes along with that” Celestia whinnied, nuzzling her sister’s flank. “It’s even worse being a princess with pastel hair and a sparkling horn. No one takes me seriously; even the guards call me little filly instead of your highness. It’s mortifying.” Continue reading My Little Feminequist Pony: Lesbian Separatist Fan Fiction

The Shittiest Princess and the Tentacled Talent

The Shittiest Princess is a series of funny fairy tales for those of us who ain’t exactly cartoon princesses. Stay tuned for a new adventure every week! You can find the first story here.

Back in the days of Yore (“Yore” being a demonic cheerleader from the third circle of damnation sent to bedevil people who use numbers as letters), there lived Princess Poot. She was a very shitty princess. Continue reading The Shittiest Princess and the Tentacled Talent