ASPCA, This Means War

I have had it. HAD it.  Before this, I saw your commercials on TV, I turned the channel and I waited however long I thought the commercial might take — and those are long commercials. I hardened my heart to the sight of suffering and abused animals. I figured you were doing things the wrong way for the right reasons. Continue reading

Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Role

I was browsing Facebook before the Super Bowl on Sunday when I saw Huffpo’s breaking news post about Philip Seymour Hoffman. Like most people, I entered a state of shock upon seeing this news. I remember when he opened up about his addiction a few years ago. He was such an amazing actor, dedicated to his craft like not many others. Everyone has their favorite movie of his.  Continue reading

Chocolate of the Day: Better than Sex Cookies

Giant cookies filled with chocolate, nuts, and coconut? Y’all, this is my favorite cookie recipe of all time. I found it in one of my parents’ cookbooks sometime in high school and it is just SO good. Alas, I have no idea which one; it’s been… a while and Google was less than forthcoming; I had to have my mom find a copy I’d typed out ages ago and read it to me over the phone since my print-out is in storage. When I used to make them at my dad’s coffeehouse in college, a few of my friends would chase me into the kitchen and grab them off the tray as I pulled them out of the oven. And normally I hate coconut, but it works so well in these. And did I mention they’re freaking HUGE? Continue reading

Salon, You Are Drunk

Salon, the original longform Internet destination for liberal thinkers, has many good qualities. They’ve recently expanded their writer pool, and the new hires are a diverse, interesting group. Joan Walsh is a long time badass, and without Salon, I never would have gotten to know Glenn Greenwald or the gonzo Boomer spectacle that is Camille Paglia.  Continue reading

Red and Mossy: A Brief History of Menstruation

As a historian, as a former SCAdian (medieval re-enactor), as someone who likes neomedieval fiction, the question I’ve seen pop up the most is: What did people in the past do about issues like menstruation? Most SCAdians use modern products under their historical clothing, and fictional series can ignore it. But obviously real people didn’t have that luxury.

This isn’t a comprehensive study of every time and culture (though if someone wants to pay me to do that. . . ). Instead, this is the kind of info you can use to inform your ideas about Game of Thrones or Skyrim characters. Menstruation through largely a historical European lens.

Continue reading

Envy is the Color of Money

Sure, I envy rich people. Most of us do, if we’re honest. But usually I don’t begrudge them their wealth. I can admire their accomplishments, aspire to be like them, or just enjoy the fact that if it weren’t for rich people giving parties & hiring bands, most musicians I know would be even more under-employed. (What’s the difference between a musician and a savings bond? The savings bond eventually matures and makes money. Cue rim-shot.) Continue reading

Linotte Reads Fifty Shades Freed: Chapter Four

Yes, unicorns, the title is right! I finally developed a strong enough stomach to read the final book in this terrible series and give a recap of each chapter like I did in the past. And why am I doing this? For all of you, darlings! So let’s get started with Chapter Four of Fifty Shades Freed. We left the ridiculously toxic newlyweds on their honeymoon in France. Let’s see what else happens to these lost causes. Continue reading