Working Before Sunrise

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I’m not a morning person. Secretly, I think work days shouldn’t start earlier than 9:30 am. When I got the offer for my latest job contract, I vehemently put in that I wouldn’t start earlier than seven o’clock (giving me a six o’clock alarm) (which is still too early). So how did I end up with work days that start at 5:15 am?

freckle [M]Working Before Sunrise

News in Asia

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Hello friends, and welcome back. This week’s edition is a mixed bag of natural disasters, shady politics and one or two spots of levity, so let’s get started.

StephensNews in Asia

This Week in Misogyny is Capsy Swearing

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I just can’t, y’all. CANNOT. Even without the Ray Rice video debacle, there was still an absurd amount of news this week. Come on in to find out which surprising city may be passing a racist abortion ban, who thinks women are penis homes, and why white people need to shut up about butts and Beyoncé. (As usual, trigger warnings … Read More

[E] HillaryThis Week in Misogyny is Capsy Swearing