Weekly Anime Review

Some nice twists in Rokka no Yuusha this week, and there was also a nice strategy gambit in Arslan Senki. Yeah, for intelligent protagonists. Overlord is also taking the “be careful what you say, because someone might have heard you” direction, which should be amusing to watch unfold. I also finally dropped Chaos Dragon. Read More Weekly Anime Review

Ask UfYH: There’s No Right Way to Clean

Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of ineffective ways to clean, but most of them involve whatever you’re cleaning ending up dirtier than when you started. For almost everything, though, there’s no one correct way to clean something, and thinking that there is just leads to a whole lot of nothing getting done. Read More Ask UfYH: There’s No Right Way to Clean

PoC News in America

This week, I accidentally cleared everything in my RSS reader, so I lost a lot of articles. Join us for what I did manage to snag.

Read More PoC News in America

This Week in Lady Reads

Today, we answer some of your most pressing questions. What would a Recency-era version of Men’s Fitness look like? Can dinosaurs run in heels? Are you fucking kidding me?!?! (We get that one a lot.) Read More This Week in Lady Reads