Breastfeeding and Babywearing Jewellery

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It’s World Breastfeeding Week! In celebration of this, I thought I’d share some beautiful necklaces that can be worn to entertain little hands when breastfeeding or babywearing.

JuniperBreastfeeding and Babywearing Jewellery

Did You Get Enough to Eat?

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Both of my parents grew up poor and both loved to not only cook but serve and share food. Ma delighted in huge desserts, and anytime people were over, Dad could be found in the kitchen, slicing up cheese and summer sausage. After every meal, Dad would ask, “Did you get enough to eat?” Of course I did, or I’d … Read More

NatashaDid You Get Enough to Eat?

Truth Is Weirder Than Children’s Fiction

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One of my favorite college classes examined children’s literature through the lens of cultural attitudes towards childhood. For example, the Brothers Grimm wrote all those dark, scary tales of witches & evil forests because in their day (early 19th century), childhood was just a smaller version of an awful adulthood. Poorer kids had to work on farms or in factories, … Read More

Lauren MayerTruth Is Weirder Than Children’s Fiction

Record Machine: Une Danse des Bouffons (A Jester’s Dance) by Marcel Dzama

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Enclosed with The Believer Magazine’s 2014 Music Issue was a seven-inch record produced to coincide with a film by the same name: Une Danse Des Bouffons (A Jester’s Dance) by Marcel Dzama. The film will have its American premiere in September as a solo exhibition at New York’s David Zwirner Gallery, and this four song soundtrack makes me crave more.

Sara HabeinRecord Machine: Une Danse des Bouffons (A Jester’s Dance) by Marcel Dzama

Weekly Anime Review

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Mahouka and Captain Earth are trotting slowly toward a conclusion, although it’s a bit unclear where both are going. Argevollen is still going too slowly plot-wise. It’s not a bad show, it just lacks “oomph” in term of direction. Aldnoah Zero and Sword Art Online II are the most awesome shows currently and Re Hamatora makes me cry every time … Read More

Jordan SheaWeekly Anime Review