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It’s still #FergusonOctober, and people are still protesting police brutality in light of the Ferguson and Shaw shootings.

JazminPoC News in America

31 Days of Halloween — Day 20, Possessed Pregnancies

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It’s not hard to understand how pregnancy can be a source of angst and dread. Even in wanted pregnancies, there are very real fears, from the healthy development of the fetus to the specter of maternal and/or fetal death. Women are bombarded with warnings, directions, and horror stories full of “what ifs” and “could happens.” Hormones interrupt sleep and cause … Read More

[E] Slay Belle31 Days of Halloween — Day 20, Possessed Pregnancies

Lunchtime Poll: Radio at Work

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People can be incredibly invested in which channel they want or don’t want to listen to. It baffles me, until I have to listen to Dutch country crooners with an Amsterdam accent.

freckle [M]Lunchtime Poll: Radio at Work