Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Depression Fighting Edition

Depression really sucks. It is so hard to explain to people who don’t have mental health issues what depression is like. It is a bleak, dark sadness that comes to me at various times. Sometimes it’s fleeting; sometimes it sticks to me like I am superglue. While transition has cleared up a lot of my deepest darkest depression, I have learned that yes, my brain chemistry is very much hardwired for depressive episodes.  Continue reading

Sitting in a Space of Discomfort: Challenging Society’s Beauty Standards

I’ve been confronted with this concept for quite some time now, but especially since I’ve been publicly claiming a feminist identity. The common tropes and misconceptions of feminists are connected with this idea of everyone being “bra burners,” which if you’re familiar with the women’s liberation movement, bra burning actually didn’t happen on the day of the Miss American pageant back in 1968. However, the moniker for feminists remains, that being a bra burner is one that connotes an aesthetic that is displeasurable to the eye.

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Veterinary Costs: Know Your Options

For many people, there may be a time during their pet’s life when they can’t afford to go to their normal vet for their dog’s yearly exam and routine well care. Often, this is where things stop, and care gets skipped. This doesn’t have to happen because there are lots of resources out there for low-cost veterinary care in almost every community, and it’s good to know about them before you need them. Continue reading

How to Pretend to be a Functioning Adult

If there’s anything a Millenial knows, it’s that the future is scary. We all went to college assuming the economy would get better. We all went to college thinking that in doing so, we would be protecting ourselves from the scary things we were hearing in the news about recessions and possible depressions. We went, we learned, we partied, but what happens after that? How do we find work? How do we find a place to live? Now that we aren’t forced to socialize with people, how do we strike up conversations with new people? In short, how do we become or, at least, seem as responsible and put-together as our parents? These are daunting topics but I’ve got your back. Continue reading

Horses Aren’t Just for Girls

I’m a “Penny.”* A woman who loves horses, and horse riding. It’s been like this since I was eleven and I still can’t pass grasslands without cooing and cuddling with the horses (if they’re up for it, of course). Somehow this makes me — in some people’s opinions – someone who can’t let go of her girly past. Because horses are so very much a girl thing.

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