Science News: 5/7/13

This week, science will both enrage and delight you. We’ve got extinctions, global warming deniers, and conspiracy theorists, but also the world’s smallest movie and a beautifully terrifying trip inside an active volcano, plus a look at how pregnancy shapes evolution. Let’s go! Read More Science News: 5/7/13

Weekly Anime Review

Chihayafuru is back with the final game, yeah! Shingeki no Kyojin has some scenes that usually only show up in horror movies. Space Ship Yamato and Gargantia are still very well-made shows, and Majestic Prince got a nice sequence this episode with some funny moments. Read More Weekly Anime Review

The West Wing: “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” and “The Black Vera Wang”

Oooh, readers, we’ve got two fantastic episodes to talk about today. Read More The West Wing: “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” and “The Black Vera Wang”

30 Years of Music: 2006

My favorite releases for 2006 seem to alternate between the All-Time Favorites I am constantly trying to shove into your hands, and the lovely gems that I keep meaning to own”¦ after which I will then metaphorically foist upon you like the rest. Let’s get to it!

Read More 30 Years of Music: 2006