Classic Woman-centric Movie Review: “Desk Set”

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Happy Friday, Persephoneers! Let’s kick off our shoes and put our feet up to a perfectly lovely romantic comedy starring one of Hollywood’s most perfectly lovely IRL couples. This weekend’s choice in “Desk Set,” made in 1956 and directed by Walter Lang. It stars Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in the lead roles. Phoebe and Henry Ephron (you know, Nora’s … Read More

Linotte MelodieuseClassic Woman-centric Movie Review: “Desk Set”

Meet the Nominees Part II: More Potential Candidates for the Supreme Court.

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Today we’re continuing with the list of potential nominees for a Supreme Court vacancy. Most of the candidates are female, though one or two men have been brought up as possible nominees. As with the previous set of nominees, many of the following have extensive private practice and/or law enforcement backgrounds. See part one here.

StephensMeet the Nominees Part II: More Potential Candidates for the Supreme Court.

How Cosplay Helped My Body Image

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[TRIGGER WARNING: Eating disorders and related thinking and behaviors.] If you had asked me three years ago to put on a skintight leotard and a pair of tights and then go to an event with thousands of other people, I’m not sure if I’d have laughed at you or thought you were playing some sort of cruel joke on me. … Read More

ElfityHow Cosplay Helped My Body Image

Five Favorite Books: 2012

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This year alone, I’ve read 77 books and so far reviewed 68 of them. More so than in years’ past, I’ve come across work that I want to shove into the hands of every reading adult I know. In Sara-praise, “I want to hug its face off” ranks highest. Here, then, are my most face-huggable books for 2012:

Sara HabeinFive Favorite Books: 2012