The Ghost of Christmas Past

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Trigger Warning: parental death, sexual abuse My father died on Christmas, the year I was ten. It’s so tempting to call it “The Worst Christmas Present in the History of Ever.”

BrendaThe Ghost of Christmas Past

More Bad News

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It’s not just American kids at risk, it seems. Today there was also an attack on elementary school  kids in central China.  A 36 year old man used a knife to attack teachers and students outside a school in Hunan province.

BrendaMore Bad News

I Hate the Term “Date Rape” and Other Rape Qualifiers

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[TRIGGER WARNING for rape and graphic discussion of rape.] I hate the term “date rape.” I hate “acquaintance rape” and “partner rape” and “spousal rape” and “prison rape.” Why? Because rape is rape, and descriptors do nothing but soften the term.

ElfityI Hate the Term “Date Rape” and Other Rape Qualifiers