Don’t Believe These Lies About Perfume

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You may not have spent a lot of time learning about perfume. That’s OK. Life is complicated, and we’re all doing the best we can. Besides, you’ve got me to tell you about it! Here are a few things you may have heard about fragrance that are not particularly true.

Bryn DonovanDon’t Believe These Lies About Perfume

30 Years of Music: 1985

Sara HabeinMusic19 Comments


1985 had a lot of truly awful and cheesy pop songs, friends, but never fear – we still have ten excellent songs to celebrate this week. Also, I may or may not become overly fixated on everyone’s hair.

Sara Habein30 Years of Music: 1985

Savita Halappanavar: Update

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The death of Savita Halappanavar from septicemia after a prolonged miscarriage has caused shockwaves in Ireland and around the world: but if those in power were hoping the controversy would die down, they have so far been disappointed.

[M] QoBSavita Halappanavar: Update

What is Climate Change’s Fault?

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Climate change made me late for work. Climate change bought the last chocolate chip chocolate muffin. Climate change thinks my hair is flat and lifeless. Climate change told my boyfriend that he could do better. Climate change is the worst.

Ailanthus-altissimaWhat is Climate Change’s Fault?