Carbon-14 Dating

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I’ve taken a bit of a break for the last few years. In that time, I’ve finished my PhD in molecular biology and I’ve started a post-doctoral fellowship. I’m very glad to be back with Persephone  and to be answering your science questions!

DrEmilySchulzCarbon-14 Dating

Cherry is as Cherry Does

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In rescue, I used to really dread getting certain breeds of dogs because I knew they would be difficult to place. But the dogs that really ground my coffee were the purebred toy dogs. We didn’t get them very often, but when we did, we’d invariably get applications from people who shouldn’t have been allowed to have a houseplant, let … Read More

MorettaCherry is as Cherry Does

A Letter to the Women of “Women Against Feminism.”

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Dear Women Against Feminism, First, thank you for reading this and for listening (assuming that you are, or that someone else out there that empathizes with your Tumblr account is). It sometimes takes a lot of energy and gumption to jump into the fray with opinions you know many people will disagree with. It takes even more energy to engage … Read More

Kristin LynnA Letter to the Women of “Women Against Feminism.”

Forgotify: The Last Frontier, Week 1

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Forgotify is a service that randomly selects a song from Spotify that has never been played. I don’t know about you, but I am positively vibrating with excitement. 

Angelina PanozzoForgotify: The Last Frontier, Week 1