Weekly Anime Review

The fall season is almost done. Just a few episode left for most shows unless they get a full season (Gundam does, yeah!). Fafner Exodus had another great episode, definitively anime of the year for me. Heavy Object added more exposition for the setting. K is getting closer to a conclusion, while Owari no Seraph is getting closer to a confrontation. Read More Weekly Anime Review

Friday News Bites: Short and Semi-Sweet

After two weeks in a row with story after dreadful story, let’s have something short and with some sweet, sweet karma.

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The ‘End of Year List’ List

Love them or hate them, end-of-the-year roundups are now just an essential part of December. Everything that we can rank the best of, will be ranked and then vehemently disagreed with in the comment sections.

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Someone to Watch Over Me

I never set out to have a protective dog, but soon after I adopted Chowder, my  orange* Chow, I realized that I had one nonetheless. He had certain behaviors that revealed this. He would become extremely agitated on a walk if we encountered another dog and I was closer to the dog than he was. When tradesmen (and it was always men, since Chowder was a unrepentant sexist who rarely viewed women as threats) came to the house and were showing me diagrams or estimates, Chowder would wedge himself between us, no matter how little space there was. Considering that Chowder didn’t like a lot of proximity to humans, this was telling.  When we fostered dogs, Chowder was the meanest to the ones that I liked the most and ignored the ones I could barely tolerate. Read More Someone to Watch Over Me