Friday News Bites: Canadian Election Results, SCIENCE! + More

Hello, unicorns. Why, yes, I do rather enjoy using “SCIENCE!” in a headline rather than typing it like a reasonable person. By the way, did you know that October 22 is International All Caps Day? WHY YES IT IS. That said, let’s shout about this week’s news, shall we?

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Dubious Dog Rankings

Dogs are judged in numerous ways. Tallest. Fastest. Most expensive. Most obedient. These are all solid, familiar metrics. However, there are more important things to look at, as this list, culled from personal experience, research and opinions expressed on social media, will show. Read More Dubious Dog Rankings

Weekly Anime Review

I need more Fafner in my existence. It is such a great mix of awesome mecha animation and despair. The new Gundam might be following in the same steps, too. K: Return of Kings is taking it slow with its plot, while the second episode wasn’t boring, it lacked substance. Owari no Seraph had a bunch of revelation in its first episode, that was somehow unexpected. Finally, Heavy Object had an interesting second episode, but the third one should be even better. Read More Weekly Anime Review

PoC News in America

This weekend, I counted down the minutes to the new Star Wars trailer and stared at this poster for hours. Here’s what happened in the rest of the U.S. this past week.

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