Record Machine: Led Zeppelin I

It is a point of pride that my record collection boasts original Zeppelin albums in good to excellent condition. Some albums must be treated with a certain amount of reverence when they lay the groundwork for so many forthcoming bands. Channeling the blues and with Robert Plant’s otherworldly yowl, Led Zeppelin’s first album makes the impending decade of rock possible, and it is likely one of the most important albums I own.

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On Recognizing Burnout And Ways to Combat it

The type of burnout I write about is mainly for those experiencing burnout in school, whether you’re an undergraduate, master’s or doctoral level student. Of course there are other types of burnout as well, like with work, or organizing, romantic relationships, etc., and the list goes on. But I talk about school burnout specifically because it’s what I’m currently going through and I am in need of reflecting badly on this condition.

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And Now for Something Completely Different: Polish Music

Last week was all about Polish things: First Sara introduced us all to a brilliant album with a mysterious Polish title, then half of the news happened to be about Poland. And while I’m getting nowhere trying to learn the language, I’m immersing myself in Polish culture, which is more fun anyway. My personal native speaker has introduced me to a lot of music I had never heard of before, and most of it is very enjoyable, so let me share it with you. (This can obviously not be in any way a complete list, so if you spot a glaring omission, let me know in the comments!) Give it up for non-English-speaking music, y’all! Continue reading

Weekly Anime Review

Buddy Complex and Nobunagun are over. I’m sort of sad because I really liked them. That being said, I’m not sure Nobunagun could have kept it up with more than 13 episodes. Nobunaga the Fool had a breather episode and will continue on. The spring season is starting next week as well; unfortunately, not many shows look interesting, but I did pick a few to try. Continue reading

New Show Recap: Elementary 2×19, ” The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville”

We are back!! So, after a hiatus to make way for March Madness (moment of silence that my beloved Florida Gators are not playing for the championship) we have a new case, mentions of the elusive Mrs. Hudson, and Clyde makes an appearance. The episode also gets into some of Joan’s past as a doctor when it’s discovered she has a connection to Andrew Colville, a presumed serial killer. So much of Holmes’ backstory and everyday life is fleshed out, but I sometimes feel that we know very little of Joan’s past and what she does in her spare time.

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