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    Is the word horribly offensive? Kind of. Are there worse words? Definitely. Am I overreacting? Pshh, being an angry feminist is my job!!–more–

    I think a lot about language within a social justice context. […]

    • I understand the term being used in this derogatory way, however, I always used it in the sense that: “you’ve been on the internet so long, your butt starts to hurt.” Or, “you’ve sat so long and have come across a comment that sits with you, quite literally too, wrong (out of ignorance from the one who posted, putting you in a state of disbelief).”

      Only have I used it to mean this. I do apologize to anyone if the term has been taken out of the context originally intended and in response, I will stop using the word (which on further review, doesn’t deserve to be a word or even a made up one!)

      The best we can do is be respectful and use choice words carefully (out of 3/4 of a million words in the English language, there are perfect substitutes don’t you think?)

    • Butthurt, to me, means an unreasonably empassioned overreaction to a perceived slight or injustice. IE- this article. But the obvious irony is actually a secondary point…

      The opening of this article epitomizes what is wrong with certain sects of feminism:

      “Is the word horribly offensive? Kind of. Are there worse words? Definitely. Am I overreacting? Pshh, being an angry feminist is my job!”

      Yes, obviously the statement was intended to be taken with a bit of humor… but what makes it “funny” is its sad, underlying truth.

      The fact of the matter is that THIS attitude is exactly why so many people have begun viewing the word “feminist” as a negative thing. The word has been essentially commandeered by well-educated white women who basically troll the internet for any minutia to be offended by. Genuinely, ANY LITTLE THING will do, so long as it gives them a fix of self-righteous indignation to fuel their egoic identity as a “social justice warriors.”

      Those girls holding up signs saying “I don’t need feminism because”– they don’t mean that they don’t want equal pay, or better childcare, or improved violence protection for women. I PROMISE you, If you asked them about each of those issues, most all of them would vote in favor!

      What they are against is being lumped in with with “the-legue-of-perpetually-offended-ladies” who have wave the mantel of feminism anytime someone says anything they don’t like and dismisses as “privileged” anyone who dares to disagree. IE- butthurt (yes, the dreaded, offensive butthurt).

      And I myself get pretty butthurt about it— because I believe that this behavior HURTS feminism. It takes women and men who would be allies and turns them off to the point where they disassociate completely (see, again, “I don’t need feminism because”).

      I’m sorry, but your job as a feminist is NOT to get angry about possibly moderately offensive words with a variety of definitions and applications (most of which have nothing to do with homophobia or rape culture).

      Your job is to actually get off your ass and do something about social injustices facing women- lobby, campaign, run for office, fund raise, volunteer, or even WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING THAT MATTERS, like domestic violence, the rising cost of childcare, the wage gap, or human trafficking. There are SO many genuine issues out there worth writing about. This ain’t one of them.

      This isn’t feminism. It’s a whiny, SJW-wannabe policing the minutia of the internet for her own self-gratification. And it does FAR more harm to the feminist cause than good.

      • Language and how we use it is a genuine issue. If a spectrum of issues can’t be considered, a slippery slope emerges of which issues are most needy. Many issues are legitimately in need of more space within the greater disucussion of feminism, that doesn’t eradicate the need for discussion of smaller issues.

        The greater harm to feminism is from arseholes. Not from those who prefer to expand their vocabulary beyond phrases like, “butthurt”.

      • I mean God, right? It’s like we’re totally don’t even know the rules of feminism. Fortunately we’ve got GOOD feminists, like you, to set us straight in ways that aren’t even the slightest bit whiny or long-winded.

        Because, of course, the only way to be feminist is to talk, act, and think in ways that are inoffensive to people like you. God fucking forbid we offend people who don’t give a shit about offending others.

    • Funny little shit. Maybe your brain’s your butt. Keep among your kind. Scum.

    • Well, that’s might be the meaining, but it dosn’t have any real meaning, because it is for any idiot to use.
      Any non-idiot will have meaningful to say. So, yes, against pointless idiocy, but that’s just me…