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    Yogis! Tell me about what mat you have and why you like it.

    I have to invest in a new one and my one *thing* is that my hands always. slip. forward. in downward dog. Always. So particularly non-slippy brands also welcome?

    • I want to say the brand on mine is hugger mugger but I could be wrong. It is made out of recycled tires and is the perfect stickiness. Also idk if this is important or not but it stands up well to cat claws.

    • I have no idea, but mats made out of real rubber tend to be the stickiest (tires! awesome!). Manduka makes a mat that is supposed to last a lifetime but it’s really really heavy which is laaaaame.

    • Mine is a Wai Lana that I got for a whopping $10 at TJ Maxx. I don’t have too much trouble with slipping except for the fact that I get really sweaty. And no matter which yoga towel I try, they just don’t work for me – they make it MORE slippery! So I just have to constantly wipe my face to stop the dripping.

    • Mine is a Gaiam mat I bought on sale at Target. It’s been my only mat for six years, and it looks exactly the way it did the day I bought it. Similar to this one:

      P.S. That site has a nifty mat selector, too, if you need it.