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    ahaha I get home and BUFFY IS ON and it’s the episode with the Order of Taraka and Oz+Willow being super-cute.

    • That sounds like a fabulous welcome home! I can never decide if I like Oz+Willow or Tara+Willow more. It’s such a tough call.

      • I go for Oz every time, because (a) had giant crush on Seth Green when I was a young ‘un and (b) Tara mostly annoyed the crap out of me for three seasons.

        • I tend to lean more towards Oz too (cause so adorable! He ranks right up there with Jensen Ackles for me), but I also love later season Tara where she starts to be more assertive. Of course, really if I had to pick any couple from Buffy, I’ll just take Spike. :P