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    I started Once Upon A Time yesterday and I don’t know if I can survive the It’s So KYOOTness but it’s sweet to have a show that doesn’t need any thinking from time to time.

    • I watched one or two episodes and despite it seeming right up my ally, I couldn’t get into it. I’ll probably give it a shot over the summer when all my regular shows are off the air.

      • It’s a nice wallpaper show and the sheriff is really good looking. And I’m glad with the strong woman idea. I just want to get into watching series again.

        • I’ve been watching Once Upon a Time because I’m a sucker for fairy tales–the closer they are to the original gruesome stories, the better! I like that in Once Upon a Time, they’re still sticking to all the fairy tale stories that we are familiar with while blending them all together into one larger story, tweaking details along the way.

          If you two have been watching, what do you think now?

          • I’m pretty up to date (think the last episode I saw was 15) and you notice that they’re repeating some storylines, but I really liked the episode with Belle/Rumpelstiltskin.