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    Butthurt, to me, means an unreasonably empassioned overreaction to a perceived slight or injustice. IE- this article. But the obvious irony is actually a secondary point…

    The opening of this article epitomizes what is wrong with certain sects of feminism:

    “Is the word horribly offensive? Kind of. Are there worse words? Definitely. Am I…[Read more]

    • Language and how we use it is a genuine issue. If a spectrum of issues can’t be considered, a slippery slope emerges of which issues are most needy. Many issues are legitimately in need of more space within the greater disucussion of feminism, that doesn’t eradicate the need for discussion of smaller issues.

      The greater harm to feminism is…[Read more]

    • I mean God, right? It’s like we’re totally don’t even know the rules of feminism. Fortunately we’ve got GOOD feminists, like you, to set us straight in ways that aren’t even the slightest bit whiny or long-winded.

      Because, of course, the only way to be feminist is to talk, act, and think in ways that are inoffensive to people like you. God…[Read more]

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