Book Review: Twee by Marc Spitz

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Though anything overly cliquish, with rules of operation and preconceived notions, makes me squirm, I realized that I had made assumptions of my own about the word “Twee,” and any movement that might be associated with it. So with mixed feelings did I pick up one mouthful of a title: Twee: The Gentle Revolution in Music, Books, Television, Fashion, and … Read More

Sara HabeinBook Review: Twee by Marc Spitz

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

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I put these links together before the Hobby Lobby decision, and I’m sure much will be written about it this week. We’ll start off with Ginsburg’s dissent and then move on to the ladyblogland that was before SCOTUS made us all cry tears of rage.

[E] Sally LawtonDispatches from Ladyblogland

30 Years of Music, The Bonus Round: 1982

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Oh, you thought we were done with 30 Years of Music last week, did you? Why, no! Of course we need a bonus round. Because I started this column near the end of 2012, 30 years from that point would be 1982, so it’s only fitting to bring myself back for one more retro round. We’ve got a wealth of … Read More

Sara Habein30 Years of Music, The Bonus Round: 1982

Alphabet Soup: Favorite Songs for the Letter “B”

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Alphabet Soup is an ongoing project where I write glorified love letters to my favorite songs for each letter of the alphabet. This week, we cover the letter “B.” I include all sorts of decades this time, but what do you know, I’ve even got a newer song in there, too.

Sara HabeinAlphabet Soup: Favorite Songs for the Letter “B”

Grandma Had it Goin’™ On: Your Guide to Vintage Fashion of the 1980s

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Like, ohmyGod, it’s totally 80s over here! Do you still own Hammer pants? Well, that’s too bad–they’re not back in. Carolina Herrera does not go near that shit, people. But you can wear the 80s today if you dare, radical ladies. So put on your Madonna and let’s talk about the 1980s!

Lucy WoodhullGrandma Had it Goin’™ On: Your Guide to Vintage Fashion of the 1980s

Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes At Last!

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When I was a little kid, Funfetti cake was where it was at. I’ve always been more of a pie person than a cake person, even as a kid, but I’ll never turn down anything with rainbow sprinkles. And Funfetti cake not only had sprinkles on top, it had them inside. It’s a sprinkle-lover’s dream!

BaseballChica03Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes At Last!