30 Years of Music: 1986

1986, already! The year of my brother’s birth. I venture outside of my usual musical territory this time around, and let us all be better for it. Behold…

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Ayuh Music: Paul Simon’s “Graceland”

Okay, I should confess here that I do not care for Paul Simon very much: I think he’s kind of a dick, and his music is uninteresting. I 95% abhor Simon and Garfunkel; they just do nothing for me, and they soundtracked the awful The Graduate, which they will have to atone for someday (perhaps Art already is). But (as Opifex recently pointed out) there is one album that all ’80s babies know by heart, and that album is Paul Simon’s Graceland.

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The Plus-size Paradox

Ladies, I’ve discovered the simplest possible way for designers and manufacturers to start really addressing the fashion needs of their plus-size customers.  Sure, it’d be great if there were more designers who learned how to cut patterns for larger size.  It would also be fantastic if we saw more men and women models represent a variety of body shapes and sizes.  My answer is much simpler. Read More The Plus-size Paradox