Record Machine: “Little By Little” and “She is Love” by Oasis

Have I really not mentioned any Oasis records yet? Goodness, let us remedy that at once!

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My Summer of 2002

For years now, I have barely listened to music. Had anybody suggested such a thing to me when I was 20, I would have yelled “But music is my life!” and considered swearing at them, but things changed. I had kids. They are loud. I longed for moments of complete silence. I started working for a music magazine and had to review random things that, for the most part, I didn’t enjoy. Then I lost my mp3 player somewhere around the house and never really bothered looking for it. Read More My Summer of 2002

30 Years of Music: 2002

2002 was a strange year, musically, in that there was not a lot of music that really excited me at the time. Many of the songs featured this week are those I’ve discovered in retrospect, with a fair number of songs coming from a music collection other than my own. Still, many of my usual favorites manage to sneak their way in, so let’s get started:

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Wednesday Nostalgia Flashback OT!

I’ll be spending the day tomorrow with two lovely ladies that I shared an apartment with for two years in college. I’m sure there will be much to catch up on and a good amount of reminiscing about the ridiculous things we did and witnessed.

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