Reading the Man Booker Prize 2014: How to Be Both by Ali Smith

It’s literature prize season, and the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize has been revealed! On its way to becoming the most important prize of them all, the Man Booker jury now accepts entries from all English-speaking writers published in the UK, opening up the contest for the American market. The much-anticipated onslaught of American novels has not happened this year, with only two writers making it onto the list of six finalists. There aren’t many big surprises, other than David Mitchell staying behind *boo hiss*, but at first glance, 2014 looks like a good year. Read More Reading the Man Booker Prize 2014: How to Be Both by Ali Smith

The Year of Reading Women: Hilary Mantel

Hilary Mantel makes for a good literary celebrity around here: She’s won the Booker Prize twice, and the stage adaptations of her winning books are doing well. She’s progressed so far in the celebrity circus that her views are now “controversial” (the media love bringing up her words about the Duchess of Cambridge, although nobody has bothered to read the whole transcript of the speech in question, so pretty normal procedure there). I suspect she wishes she wasn’t quite so famous by now. Read More The Year of Reading Women: Hilary Mantel

Friday Night Outta Here Post

That’s another week under our belts here at Persephone!  We’re glad you came by to visit with us this week and we’ll see you bright and early on Monday, with another full week of fabulous words.  In the meantime, we leaped into the 21st Century and got ourselves a Facebook Fan Page.  We’d love you to like us, because we sure do like you!  Have a safe, happy and relaxing weekend!