30 Years of Music: 2009

We’re five weeks away from the end of this fair column, and the Aughts’ closing year provides us with musical riches. My picks are rather indie-tastic this time around, punctuated by a couple of pop radio favorites. Join me:

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My So-Called Life: Didn’t We Have a Time?

My So-Called Life is one of those shows that made a significant impact despite being on-air for an incredibly short time. It premiered in August 1994, and its last episode aired in January, 1995. That’s only five months. It was a victim of not only low ratings, but of the misfortune of being a bit ahead of its time in set-up and subject matter. While the hour-long dramatic format and cinematic style wasn’t unheard of in prime time, it was not nearly as common as it is today. Not to mention that the WB (RIP) was still a few years away from hanging their hat on hour-long teenage dramedies, and ABC just didn’t seem to know how to market the show. Read More My So-Called Life: Didn’t We Have a Time?