Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Gah! I Am Old Edition

Pandora and Spotify are some of the best apps ever developed. The ability to have most music at the touch of your finger without paying for the rights is amazing. This has sucked up my phone data hardcore, but this week, Pandora delivered some old memories. I was a sucker for pop punk and post hardcore in the early 2000s, so my Pandora station based on Jimmy Eat World really helped encapsulate all of that scene. I began to feel nostalgic and fell down the wiki hole looking up old bands and old tracks. Thanks to The Stranger (Seattle’s best alternative weekly), I noticed the Ataris were playing at the Showbox. Apparently, they are playing a reunion tour of sorts with musicians from the So Long Astoria-era (an album that came out 11 years ago!). These two things made me feel so old, but also inspired this list.  Read More Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Gah! I Am Old Edition

30 Years of Music: 2000!

People, wasn’t 2000 only just yesterday? I swear that it was, even though I was still in high school then and still driving Sid The Angry Volvo (R.I.P.), and even though the musicians in some of these videos look like babies in comparison to now, 2000 just happened. Don’t spoil my illusion just yet.

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