Book Review: Southern Reach Trilogy

Thirty years ago, an ecological event closed off an area of land referred to as “the forgotten coast.” Saying that it was an environmental catastrophe, the government named the bordered off area “Area X.” But the government didn’t set up those borders; in fact, something else created the invisible barrier that for a long time was impenetrable. When passage into Area X opened inexplicably, a government agency called Southern Reach sent expeditions of scientists to investigate, all of them failing in their task. Some would come back with no recollection of what they saw, others wouldn’t come back at all, and many came back only to die of cancer months later. This is how Annihilation, the first book of Jeff VanderMeer‘s riveting Southern Reach Trilogy, begins: with the twelfth expedition setting out on their mission. Read More Book Review: Southern Reach Trilogy

How a Conservative Christian Twenty-Something Changed Her Mind on Sexual Orientation

When my dad came out in 2004, I had already come to the conclusion that there was nothing spiritually or morally wrong about being gay. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out just how I managed to come to that conclusion, because I wasn’t in an environment where that perspective was encouraged at all. Read More How a Conservative Christian Twenty-Something Changed Her Mind on Sexual Orientation

Not Gay Enough

From a very young age, I remember being subjected to the idea that I needed a man to “rescue me” and to “make me complete.” We are shown Disney movies in which the princess needs to be rescued, comedies where the leading lady is doing everything she can to nab a man, and movies in which women are portrayed as “lacking” if they aren’t married to a man.

Read More Not Gay Enough

Being a TCK: a Summary

Due to time constraints (as in, I have almost no time these days), I’m going to wrap up this series of articles on what it is like to be a TCK (third culture kid). To be someone who was born one place and raised in another place (or places) is to be someone who is caught in the middle of many cultures and who finds herself or himself attempting to reconcile so many facets of a complex life. I have already discussed several topics connecting to being a TCK, so in this article, I’ll attempt to tie them all together through a summary and collection of my own experiences. Read More Being a TCK: a Summary

Women in Academia: So You’ve Been Accepted to Grad School

Official graduate school acceptances are flying through the (e)mail like so many focused pigeons. If you spent your fall and winter honing your cover letter, resume, and essay, this is a particularly exhilarating and stressful time of year. After all, soon you will have to choose which program is right for you, if any. So what do you do after you have been accepted? Read More Women in Academia: So You’ve Been Accepted to Grad School

Fix It Or Accept It?

Recently, I was working with a client who has had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for about 40 years. She’s seen specialists who have diagnosed it as IBS because no other physical problems are present. I asked her about all of the different remedies that she’s tried, and she’s pretty much tried everything – from acupuncture to chiropractic to various supplements to eliminating allergenic foods from her diet. Without fail, no matter what she does, her symptoms have come back. Read More Fix It Or Accept It?