Climate Change Politics and Science Policy

This week, ScienceDebate.Org posted the responses to fourteen key scientific questions from President Barack Obama and presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney. Overall, the candidates responded as one might expect. However, the winds of change appear to have blown – both President Obama and Mr. Romney accept that climate change is real and that humans are having an impact. That’s where the similarities end and the unfortunate half-truths begin. Read More Climate Change Politics and Science Policy

The Mechanic: Huh.

It took almost seven minutes for anyone to say a word in this remake of a Charles Bronson movie. And the first words? Jason “I’m like the English, more gravelly Bruce Willis” Statham explaining his work as a hit man, so we’re immediately initiated into the drama and adrenaline. Quickly, I realize I should be screaming and pointing at the TV, as Donald Sutherland, playing Statham’s mentor, gives friendly, calm, terrifying advice to the efficient killer. Then we get a shot of disjointed sex and a woman’s butt. So it’s kind of a whirlwind, right from the get-go. Read More The Mechanic: Huh.