Science News Roundup: 5/1/12

We’ve got a mix of good news and bad this week. Global warming sucks, but new water sources in Africa may provide some measure of protection for its people. Lots of species may be in danger, but did you know some species of sharks glow in the dark? I didn’t! There’s also some cool news for Doctor Who fans. Plus, bonus pic of every Persephoneer’s favorite smexy scientist! Read More Science News Roundup: 5/1/12

Thar She Goes: A Farewell to Luck

When people go abroad, they sometimes fail to realize they aren’t the stars of some invisible travel show. A fantastical world where risky endeavors go off without a hitch, save for a few kicky hijinks, imagined out in montage form. This, of course, guarantees that when a wrench is thrown into the works, the world must grind to a halt so the situation can be resolved immediately. For such travelers, I would suggest steering well clear of Africa, where luck exists only on a moment-to-moment basis. Read More Thar She Goes: A Farewell to Luck

Thar She Goes: A Lady in Nairobi

There’s been enough of poetic prose spilt on the languid art of vagabonding. Hemingway, Kerouac, and Frost have the grit, beauty and mystique of the road firmly covered. So without even attempting to add my name to that pile let me just say this: sometimes a lady needs to get the fuck out of town.  Read More Thar She Goes: A Lady in Nairobi

Lunchtime Poll 11/23

As we approach the holiday season, we’re about to hear Carol of the Bells 9 gajillion times in the next four weeks, and that song with Bono wondering if kids in Africa even know it’s Christmastime at all, in that pretentious Bono way.  For today’s lunchtime poll, I want to know your favorite holiday song.  As an Indiana kid with sides of the family from both Purdue and IU, I always associate both their fight songs with the holidays.