Ugly As Sin: The Forever Price of Being Looked At

In David Foster Wallace’s cringe-inducing book, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, he writes, “Or like just another manipulative pseudopomo Bullshit artist who’s trying to salvage a fiasco by dropping back to a metadimension and commenting on the fiasco itself.” Read More Ugly As Sin: The Forever Price of Being Looked At

Takedown: My diet is making me beautiful. Also known as: I am better than you.

This week’s takedown has been making the rounds in the form of a picture. Author, raw-food enthusiast, and PETA celebrity from 2010 Mimi Kirk is pictured on the left, and an elderly woman labeled “unknown” is pictured on the right. The text: “They are both 73 years old. Can you guess which one is a vegan? That’s right, Mimi Kirk, voted as PETA’s sexiest vegetarian over 50!” Read More Takedown: My diet is making me beautiful. Also known as: I am better than you.

Between a Quarter and Mid-Life Crisis

I have seem to find myself in a bit of a life crisis. I am frankly, getting too old for the quarter-life crisis, that state of mind upon entering the adult world where you ask yourself, “What the hell am I doing here?” A condition made famous by the movies Garden State, Lost in Translation and 500 Days of Summer and John Mayer’s song, Why Georgia. Read More Between a Quarter and Mid-Life Crisis

Advice to the Girl I Was

If you have a passive interest in astrology and what the planets have to teach us, you will know that by most accounts, two weeks ago was supposed to be a big astrological week. The planet Neptune was due to end its sojourn, which began in 1998, in Aquarius and enter Pisces on February 3rd. It was explained that this is big news because it is the last time that Neptune will be in Aquarius in our lifetimes. What the specifics of this change mean, I will leave to the astrologers to explain further. Read More Advice to the Girl I Was

Holding On To Sixteen

I’m a latecomer to the whole Glee thing. For about a year and a half, I ignored the show, even though I am an avid fan of television and musicals and people spontaneously breaking out into song. I knew the hype existed, but it existed on the periphery of my awareness, like seeing something out of the corner of your eye and not registering it with your brain. Plus, my sister told me she thought the show was crazy — maybe she said crazy in a good way but the impression I got was more like, “WTF is going on with this show and where is this all going in general?” At the time, I had enough WTF to figure out in my life without taking on the fictional kind.  Read More Holding On To Sixteen

Careful, You’re Clinkling

What’s “clinkling” you ask?  Why, it’s only the latest thing in women’s health and beauty; a combination of “cleavage” and “wrinkling” (I want to note that I have to give my friend Molly all the credit for this neologism).  And if you’re doing it, be advised: it will ruin your life. Read More Careful, You’re Clinkling

We Try It! Healthy Skin Eye Cream

Not that long ago I noticed that I was having An Eye Area Problem. I have the interesting conundrum of skin that’s bad enough to necessitate strong creams and soaps but sensitive enough to revolt against the harsh chemicals. Read More We Try It! Healthy Skin Eye Cream

Gray Hairs? Who Cares?

So, I’m around 30 years old, and over the past few years I’ve noticed a persistent grayening (not a word) of my hair. It first became noticeable/distressing a few months before my wedding, so like any properly crazed bride-to-be, I dyed it before the big day. Read More Gray Hairs? Who Cares?