Come Fly With Me

Anyone familiar with 12-step programs or various philosophical guides to serene living will tell you that the key to happiness is to surrender to the moment, to change what you can, to accept what you cannot change, and to know the difference.  And anyone familiar with air travel in recent years will tell you that even the Dalai Lama would struggle with staying serene when you’re confronted with cancelled flights, long lines, inedible overpriced food, and cramped uncomfortable seats. Read More Come Fly With Me

Travel Eats

I’ve spent this week gearing up for a weekend trip. It’s sort of put a damper on my cooking aspirations, but the process has allowed me to realize that there are some important tricks to getting ready for a trip – and staying satiated while on it. For most of you, these will be old hat, but for past-me, these tricks could have saved me some grief. Read More Travel Eats

Just The Other Morning

(Editor’s note: Potential trigger warning for issues including sexual assault)

I caught the woman’s eye as the hand grazed under her breast. I turned away, feeling ashamed at not giving her modesty – but when I glanced back she was still looking at me. Read More Just The Other Morning

We Try It: Air Travel With Jet Blue

I’m what you would probably call a casual traveler. The Mister and I drive across the state once every couple of months to visit his family, I take the occasional road trip to neighboring Canada a few times a year, and I try to squeeze in at least a long weekend to somewhere interesting. Read More We Try It: Air Travel With Jet Blue

How To Survive An Airplane Crash (for realsies)

When most people talk about an airline crash, you hear a lot of words like “fate” and “no control” being tossed around. That this is how some people will inevitably die and there is nothing they can do about it. Read More How To Survive An Airplane Crash (for realsies)