Expat Ramblings: Just Popping In

Family gatherings are difficult when you live abroad. Spending Christmas together is expensive, birthday presents arrive through the post, and when your children drive you insane, you can’t drop them off at a well-meaning relative’s house for an afternoon. I’d love to have coffee with my sister once a week, but we only manage three times a year. It’s hard, but it comes with the choices you make for yourself. Read More Expat Ramblings: Just Popping In

Come Fly With Me

Anyone familiar with 12-step programs or various philosophical guides to serene living will tell you that the key to happiness is to surrender to the moment, to change what you can, to accept what you cannot change, and to know the difference.  And anyone familiar with air travel in recent years will tell you that even the Dalai Lama would struggle with staying serene when you’re confronted with cancelled flights, long lines, inedible overpriced food, and cramped uncomfortable seats. Read More Come Fly With Me

Ridiculous Dreams

This week I’m on location in St. Maarten. Fancy, no? I’m here on my day job, which has me assisting my employers about the island. So far this is not like any place I’ve ever been before. Read More Ridiculous Dreams