Science News Roundup: 3/20/12

The last few weeks have been very busy in the animal kingdom, with the discovery of several new species, including a possible new relative or ancestor of humankind. There have also been some interesting insights about alcohol addiction from two very different yet surprising angles. Read More Science News Roundup: 3/20/12

Why Do We Hate Addicts?

After the death of Amy Winehouse this past weekend, I read an article by Russell Brand, posted on his personal website, that really spoke to me. A former addict himself, Brand traveled in the same circles as Winehouse and knew all too well the cycle of addiction that she suffered from and how the fame machine could chew up and spit out an already-vulnerable person. Read More Why Do We Hate Addicts?

Dry Wit: Come On, Get Hard-Assed

So, this last week, a friend-of-a-friend contacted me because she’d been following the progress of my sobriety both here and on my personal blog, and she had a problem: a person close to her had just revealed to her that he suspects he has a drinking problem, and she wanted advice about how best to support him. Read More Dry Wit: Come On, Get Hard-Assed

Dry Wit: I’ll Take My Self-Growth On the Rocks, Please

I’d like to meet The Doctor, take a ride in the TARDIS, and head on back to whenever and wherever it was from which I got the truly disappointing delusion that the personal growth I would experience during the earlier periods of my sobriety would be, somehow, happy.