Weekly European Roundup

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Olivia Marudan

Cad. Boondoggler. Swindler. Ass. Plagiarist. Hutcher. A movable feast in the subtle culinary art of shit talking.
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This week, Spanish police discovered hundreds of pounds of explosives and bomb making equipment, Armenia sets its sights on turning out the best chess players ever, and a Finnish poll shows a number of disturbing trends. We also have royal business, opinions on how France’s veil ban ties into recent revolutions, and a Danish Elvis fan who took things to the extreme. Lots to enjoy … Read More

Olivia MarudanWeekly European Roundup

Your Weekly Europe Roundup

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I'm German but after high school I moved to Denmark for studying. A few years ago I finished my Master's in Business Communication and now I'm working as a marketing coordinator.
I'm a news addict. I spent an endless amount of time on reading the news from all over the world. And this is what I'll be writing about mostly.
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It’s been a busy week in Europe. Germany and Italy are fighting about refugees, a Danish court lifts patient confidentiality, free press is still no reality in Belarus and more.

inessitaYour Weekly Europe Roundup