Totally Awesome Women in Fiction

It’s hard to find novels with female characters who read like actual women. In this list of some of my favourites, I’ve tried to present women who lead their own lives, who aren’t sidelined for men, whose stories don’t revolve around other people, and who have depth and complexity existing beyond the necessities of plot. That meant I had to cut some obvious candidates (sorry, Hermione). There may be spoilers ahead. Read More Totally Awesome Women in Fiction

Comforting Cozy Mysteries

Cozy mysteries, known simply as cozies, are those mysteries you read when you don’t want a lot of blood or gore, but when you still want a puzzle and the comfort of knowing that someone out there has the brains to put right what’s wrong with the world. Noir novels these are not. Read them when the black dog is sniffing at your door or when your brain has just had too much serious for the time being. Want to know where to start? Follow the clues!

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