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This Week in Misogyny Found Some Sexist Pigs

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time to learn about all the things that sucked this week! Hooray! Let’s talk about Miss America, the NFL, and why you really should smile more, ladies! Trust me on that one. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny Found Some Sexist Pigs

Femme Fatales 4 Ever?

I saw Star Trek Into Darkness last weekend, and I liked it. I did, however, have a discussion with my boyfriend about whether or not the movie had honored the proud Star Trek tradition of portraying empowered female characters who work side-by-side and on equal footing with their male counterparts. Here’s the thing: one strength of Star Trek has historically been that it portrays a future in which men and women are equals and it’s not a big deal. And I’m worried that Star Trek Into Darkness represents a (potentially big) step backwards in terms of staying faithful to the gender roles that were represented in the original series.

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Drawing Revolution

Most of you know I’m a graduate student in library science, geared toward public services (primarily but not exclusively for youth services). My reading load this semester, though heavy in quantity, is qualitatively comparable to going to the water park when I put it next to the lists my peers in other programs are attacking, and even my undergraduate course work. Read More Drawing Revolution