LTP: 4/11

Happy Monday, Persephoneers! Hope you all had a nice weekend and are facing this week with your game face firmly in place.  We’ve got all sorts of cool stuff on tap for you, and we’re swinging into action with a completely frivolous and entertaining lunchtime poll. Read More LTP: 4/11

TDG: Fruit and Veggie Photo Spam

I’m starving, and I really want something that grew in the dirt to eat, so for this morning’s daily goodie I’ve found a whole bunch of gorgeous photos from my favorite photo source, morguefile.  Find all sorts of pretties after the break, 100% animal product free for our vegan reader friends.  Read More TDG: Fruit and Veggie Photo Spam

Lunchtime Poll: 2/7

Hello and happy post Superbowl Monday! I’m sure all the fans of [insert winning sports team here] are living it up today, while the poor fans of [insert losing sports team here] are nursing vengeful hangovers.  If, like me, you still haven’t figured out who was playing yet, we’ve got all sorts of coverage coming your way this afternoon.  In the meantime, it’s time for the lunchtime poll! Read More Lunchtime Poll: 2/7

Happy Weekend!

We made it through another week! We’re headed out for the weekend, but we’re leaving you this open thread to play with.  Be sure to check out any posts you missed, too, our writers had it turned to 11 this week.  (Name that reference!) We’ll be back Monday morning at 9a EST with all sorts of fun things in store for you.  Keep an eye out in the middle of the week for our 1000th post.  (Holy shit! 1000 posts!)

Photographer Spotlight

Editor’s note: We’ve been incredibly lucky to find three (3!) incredibly talented photographers who have agreed to lend their talents to Persephone.  This post will introduce you to one of them, federov.  I found her on tumblr, home of all sorts of incredibly talented people and our prime recruiting spot.  Please enjoy her gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) photography after the cut.  ~Ophelia Read More Photographer Spotlight

The Thursday Caption: Make Me a Meme

If ever a fella needed meme-ified, it’s the guy behind the cut.  I found him on, home of all sorts of delightful free images.  Wow me with you wit, readers! Read More The Thursday Caption: Make Me a Meme