LTP: 4/15

So here’s the scene – It’s twenty years ago.  I’m sitting in my room, watching 120 Minutes on MTV.  All of the sudden a voice booms out of my little 13″ TV yelling “Hey you!  Don’t watch that, watch this…” I didn’t pay too much attention till the music started, but as soon as it did I was riveted.  I felt like I had just been smacked in the face with a giant fish made of awesome.  I was glued to the set until the end of the song when the song and artist blurb came on and told me just what I had been listening to.  I went to bed that night repeating “Madness, One Step Beyond” over and over so I wouldn’t forget.  First thing the next day I went out and bought the cassette.  It is still one of my favorite albums.

Have you all ever had this happen?  When you hear a song for the first time and your brain immediately empties all thought except “HOLY CRAP, THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD!”



Shake It Up In The Open Thread

I am opening tonight’s open thread with another song from my Zumba class.  1. Because I like it, and 2. Because I am proud of myself for asking the instructor for the name of this song, even though I felt like I had been really awkward the last time I spoke with her and wasn’t looking forward to another awkward interaction. It was still kind of awkward, but I got my song, so who cares?  Did you do anything you didn’t want to do recently and it paid off?  Talk to your Internet friends about it in the OT! Read More Shake It Up In The Open Thread