Getting Ready for Baby

If your dog isn’t housebroken, don’t get pregnant. If your dog is protective, fearful, or neurotic, don’t have a baby. If your dog is not child-ready, don’t have a child in your home.

In an ideal world, the things in the preceding paragraph would be considered logical and not insulting. However, life isn’t logical, and people with unsuitable dogs end up pregnant. And unfortunately, people often handle this dilemma selfishly, stupidly, or naively. Too often, they handle it disgracefully. Read More Getting Ready for Baby

Editorial: Why “Companion Animal” is Necessary and Important

One of the things that I noticed in rescue is how poignantly it illustrates the concept of distancing language. When people would get in touch with me about giving up their family pet, it was always the same. In the initial email, people would use their pet’s name to describe her. After a few weeks, that turned into “she.” Shortly after that, the beloved family friend would become “the dog.” At that point, we knew we had only a few days before the dog would be deposited at the nearest pound. If we got a message referring to the dog as “it,” we needed to act that day. We knew that the owner had now completed the psychological journey that allowed them to strip the dog of its individual merits as a living, feeling being, and had given themselves permission to discard an animal. From that point on, they could, and did, ruthlessly ignore their dog’s feelings. We saw this time after time as owners left, stonefaced, while their newly abandoned dogs whimpered and cried in their fosters’ home. Read More Editorial: Why “Companion Animal” is Necessary and Important

Bad Humans, Good Dogs

I thought it might be interesting to see why rescuers often ended up hating humans, so I thought I’d share a few stories that explained why. I also thought it would be a nice holiday gift for those of you who enjoy feeling a little righteous anger and adolescent-level scorn now and then. You could even get a few good sneers in, if you are so inclined. Read More Bad Humans, Good Dogs

Why People Hate Animal Rescue

I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit straight away that animal rescue has some serious image problems, and that these problems are merited. Not all animal rescues are bad news, of course, but enough of them are that chances are good that you know someone who has had a terrible experience. Read More Why People Hate Animal Rescue

You Can’t Save Them All, and You Shouldn’t Want To

Trigger warning for animal attacks resulting in death and child death.

I blame people for the vast majority of dog bites. People are the ones who don’t supervise their dogs. People are the ones who allow their dogs to develop dangerous behaviors. People are the ones who don’t supervise their children. Read More You Can’t Save Them All, and You Shouldn’t Want To

Coonhounds, Man

This article is a joint effort by Moretta and Laura.

This article refers only to coonhounds, a group that includes blueticks, redticks, black & tans, redbones and their honorary member, the Plott hound. It doesn’t include Treeing Walker coonhounds, foxhounds or bloodhounds. Read More Coonhounds, Man