This Week in Lady Reads (and News)

We’ve got a bit more news than usual this week since Sara’s on vacation, plus lots of other interesting things to read and watch.  Read More This Week in Lady Reads (and News)

News in Europe: Russia Edition

Welcome to another news roundup, this week with mainly Russian news. It’s weird, sad, scary and also occasionally wonderful. Read More News in Europe: Russia Edition

The Year of Reading Women: Beryl Bainbridge

Fun Fact: I wrote my thesis about Antarctic Literature. Yes, that’s a thing! My professor pushed the subject, because she was clearly taken by it, and her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. It’s very niche, but incredibly exciting and rewarding. Because there aren’t many fictional works that are set in Antarctica, you can get through the entire canon in a few weeks and call yourself “a bit of an expert” as soon as anybody mentions anything ice-related. Read More The Year of Reading Women: Beryl Bainbridge

Friday News Bites: Fort Hood, Declassified Files, Mozilla + More

Not a lot of great news this week, but I try to end on an upnote, depending on your feelings for The Lion King.

Read More Friday News Bites: Fort Hood, Declassified Files, Mozilla + More

Science News: 12/3/13

I have so much cool stuff to tell y’all about this week! I’m totally geeking out about some cool volcanoes, new species, dinosaur poop, and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new segment on The Daily Show. Come geek out with me! There’s an iceberg gif! Read More Science News: 12/3/13

Science News: 10/31/13

It’s mostly fun stuff in this edition of science news! We’ve got good news regarding a possible asteroid hitting Earth, takedowns of some really dumb science, and cool videos of Mars, the Moon, and a rebuttal to climate change deniers. Plus, a special Halloween treat if you read all the way to the end! Read More Science News: 10/31/13

Science News: 10/16/13

Welcome back to science news! This week, we’ve got a rundown of all the awful things the government shutdown has done to scientific research and more men who won Nobel Prizes (sorry, ladies!), but also a lot of cool findings from ancient history (the cave painters were ladies!) and some awesome videos about supervolcanoes on Mars and a SpaceX Grasshopper launch. Read More Science News: 10/16/13

Science News: 9/24/13

So… did Voyager 1 really leave our solar system this time? What’s new with rhesus monkeys? Why on earth are researchers looking at whales’ earwax?? Find out all this and more in the latest edition of science news! Read More Science News: 9/24/13