Nearly Free Anxiety Solutions For Your Dog

Sometimes your dog’s anxiety is serious and requires regular medication or professional training but if you’re just trying to get past a little pacing during specific events there are some cheap solutions you can try. Some of these could also supplement treatment for more serious anxiety.  Read More Nearly Free Anxiety Solutions For Your Dog

Your Vet Probably Isn’t a Dog Trainer

When they’re feeling overwhelmed with a new puppy or they’re having a behavior problem with their dog, many people turn to their vet or the staff for advice. Sometimes they can be a great resource; unfortunately, being an expert in veterinary medicine doesn’t qualify someone to deal with training and behavior problems. Read More Your Vet Probably Isn’t a Dog Trainer

I’m Afraid of Parties and Soft Hugs

Most people have some sort of phobia. Maybe it’s snakes or spiders or heights or small spaces, but I don’t know anyone who isn’t irrationally nervous about something. I’m not particularly afraid of any of those things. Seeing a snake has me running for my state’s identification guide for reptiles and amphibians. I prefer high places and my cozy car interior makes my claustrophobic mother-in-law sweat. Spiders I could take or leave, so I mostly leave them when they set up shop around my house. What I am afraid of is something all too many of our pet dogs can relate  to. Because it’s not a common human phobia, people have trouble relating and dealing appropriately with it. I loath and am driven to twitching, stuttering anxiety by parties and soft hugs. That is to say, I’m afraid of crowds and people with whom I’m not extremely close touching me. Come anthropomorphize with me, and let’s see how my first hand account of a recent wedding I attended can shed light on your dog’s reluctance to cuddle with strangers at a crowded park. Read More I’m Afraid of Parties and Soft Hugs