Picture This: No Training Wheels, We’re Going Manual!

Okay, Persephoneers! We’ve learned about composition, we’ve learned about types of cameras, we’ve tried editing photos, we’ve worked on being creative, and we’ve even had a little fun along the way (don’t tell anyone!), but now it’s time to bust off those training wheels and try going manual. “WHAT? HUH? I CAN’T DO THAT!” Why yes you can! And I’ve got a few tools to help you do it! Continue reading

Picture This: Depth of Field

A art professor once told me that he believed everyone had the potential to be a great artist. Obviously it comes more naturally to some people, but everyone can learn and improve through practice which is why if you want to take good photos, you can’t give up! Last week we learned about photo editing; this week we’re going to talk about depth of field–another great composition trick to improve your photos! Continue reading