Record Machine: In The City by The Jam

I woke up with the Paul Weller song “From The Floorboards Up” stuck in my head, and it felt like as good a sign as any to talk about his old band in this week’s column.

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On Being Gen X by Nathalie

I spent my childhood voraciously testing out various paths to Passion. In my teens I discovered photography. All the way to art school, I raced through life with a camera surgically attached to my face. I reveled in the idea of living behind the camera instead of in front, the jaded recovery of an only-child. Before the camera, in that stage between little girl and teenager, I painted. For years I painted on canvas, in school, on trips, on walls. One day I painted Kahlil Gibran’s words in my bedroom wall: Read More On Being Gen X by Nathalie

Feeling Unspired?

I freaking love the internet.  One minute, a lady can be happily searching for typos and trying to find time to find something on TV actually worth recapping.  The next moment, the whole world can open up.   Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook’s goofy little cousin from art school, tumblr, such a moment happened.  That moment was filled with unspirational macros. Read More Feeling Unspired?