Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: It’s called commitment

I’m not sure if this is a new thing for Dr. Laura or if she’s always been big on broadcasting her disgust of fat people, but this week, again, she’s got the solution for obesity. Hint: it isn’t “love yourself as you are.” This taken from her “call of the day” page.

Lynn: What do you do with an eating problem you’ve had your whole life? Read More Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: It’s called commitment

Takedown: Thank you, Ann Romney

There has been a lot going around the internet these past few weeks regarding the conventions. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to most of it, because I think that the conventions are little more than unpaid advertisements for either side and while the speeches can be inspiring, there isn’t much new. This picture, though, came out of the Republican Convention, and I just – I can’t. Read More Takedown: Thank you, Ann Romney

Takedown: Democrats want to take my money

There is a theme these days in Republican hype, one that seems to be taken at face value by millions of people, and yet has no basis in reality. It is this: Democrats (specifically Obama) want to take everything that you have earned and pass it around to people who do nothing. It’s not a take-from-the-rich-give-to-the-poor mentality, it’s a take-from-you-and-give-to-somebody-else-who-doesn’t-deserve-it idea, where “you” means…everybody. Everybody. Rich people, middle class people, that girl from my high school who doesn’t work and is on unemployment and food stamps, Mitt Romney, students, farmers, everybody. And the people that the government is giving the money to? Nobody that you know or like, of course. Mythical lazy poor greedy assholes, whom you will never actually encounter in real life because they are too busy filling up swimming pools with their welfare checks and practicing their butterfly stroke amongst other people’s money. Read More Takedown: Democrats want to take my money

Takedown: Press 1 for English

This week’s crapdate is a sleeper hit. I have seen the sentiment floating around for, well, probably for as long as there have been Internet memes. It’s the ol’ “I hate pressing buttons” problem. Read More Takedown: Press 1 for English

Takedown: Deport Them All!

Full disclosure: I’m married to an immigrant. One who “did it right.” I guess that according to this week’s crapdate, he is marginalized by those who are here without documents, and I should probably be really angry. Why are they ruining it for us?

(But I’m not. Weird, right?) Read More Takedown: Deport Them All!

Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: My Brother’s Relationship Cheapens My Marriage

Just when I thought Dr. Laura wasn’t going to say anything terrible this week, she came through for me. Attagirl, Dr. Laura.

Dr. Laura’s remarks are embedded in brackets within the question, and her answer is below it. Read More Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: My Brother’s Relationship Cheapens My Marriage

Takedown: Like this!

Oh, the Nice Guyâ„¢. You know the type. “Why do women always go for the jerks, why don’t they go for Nice Guys like meeeee?” The Nice Guy syndrome is problematic in and of itself (like people should be rewarded for their kindness with sex), but this crapdate takes it to the next level. Read More Takedown: Like this!