Takedown: Thank you, Ann Romney

There has been a lot going around the internet these past few weeks regarding the conventions. I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to most of it, because I think that the conventions are little more than unpaid advertisements for either side and while the speeches can be inspiring, there isn’t much new. This picture, though, came out of the Republican Convention, and I just – I can’t. Continue reading

Takedown: Democrats want to take my money

There is a theme these days in Republican hype, one that seems to be taken at face value by millions of people, and yet has no basis in reality. It is this: Democrats (specifically Obama) want to take everything that you have earned and pass it around to people who do nothing. It’s not a take-from-the-rich-give-to-the-poor mentality, it’s a take-from-you-and-give-to-somebody-else-who-doesn’t-deserve-it idea, where “you” means…everybody. Everybody. Rich people, middle class people, that girl from my high school who doesn’t work and is on unemployment and food stamps, Mitt Romney, students, farmers, everybody. And the people that the government is giving the money to? Nobody that you know or like, of course. Mythical lazy poor greedy assholes, whom you will never actually encounter in real life because they are too busy filling up swimming pools with their welfare checks and practicing their butterfly stroke amongst other people’s money. Continue reading

Takedown: Wife Her

Ugggggh. There are few things that make me grimace like woman-on-woman hate, or something that is clearly designed to pit women against each other. I always wonder about the person who created the picture in the first place – I have a sneaking suspicion they are created by women looking for a boost to their own self-worth based on making other women feel unworthy*. Let’s do this. Continue reading

Dr. Susan vs. Dr. Laura: Minority Studies are Ruining Kids’ Lives

Is Dr. Laura trolling me?

A recent blog post, titled “U.S. Youth: Working Hard or Hardly Working?”, was what you might expect from Dr. Laura. La la la, kids are lazy, parents don’t expect enough out of their kids, society is falling apart. Same old, same old. And, truth be told, there’s nothing particularly offensive about her arguments. I am a strong believer in the value of jobs for teenagers, to teach them about responsibility and money. Continue reading