Oh, So Very Thankful

“What do you say?” It’s a question every child hears frequently while learning to navigate the social niceties. Parents always hope their children will quickly learn to respond with a “please” or a “thank you.” Read More Oh, So Very Thankful

Being Thankful, Now and Always!

It’s become oh-so-chic to make Thankful Lists. Oprah had people doing it a few years back. Various authors have people do it, especially around Thanksgiving. Psychologists have their patients keep their gratitude journals when they’re facing times of depression or discontent with their lives.

Read More Being Thankful, Now and Always!

Is Graduate School a Job?

For some reason, I am mildly enamored with life advice/self-help essays and seminars. Maybe it is because these essays distill years of experience into highly concentrated, sometimes over-simplified advice. Maybe it’s because I like seeing how others interpret their paths to success, what they identified as holding them back, and what they think can lead everyone into a brighter tomorrow. Who knows. In any event, I recently got to see and read about two very different attitudes towards graduate school and whether it should be treated like a job, and I have no idea which one is right. Read More Is Graduate School a Job?

Curious about Courtesy

I had an interesting conversation the other day.  My mother had just flown in from Texas and she was regaling me with stories of navigating the airport with carry-on luggage and a broken hand. Read More Curious about Courtesy