Monday Scavenger Hunt: Wednesday Edition

Yeah, we run on Persephone time around here.  Wednesday is Monday, up is down, cats are dogs, you get the picture.  Instead of an audience dare, we’re doing a scavenger hunt. The rules are simple, go skipping through the internets to find the following: Read More Monday Scavenger Hunt: Wednesday Edition

Audience Dare: Commit to Sparkle Motion

Readers, if you dare, tonight’s Wednesday dare is to paint your nails with something fabulous and festive and totally unlike you.  Post a picture, if you’d like, or just tell us how you fancied up your fingers for Thursday.  We’ll never tell you that lipstick can change your mood or mascara will change your life, but we do encourage giving yourself something shiny to look at while you’re slaving away for a non-existent holiday bonus.

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