Lunchtime Poll: Fall Favorites

We’re in that weird between-seasons part of year; the calendar says it’s still summer until the equinox on the 23rd and it may still be hot as blazes where you are, but school’s in session, Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier each night.  Read More Lunchtime Poll: Fall Favorites

Lunchtime Poll: Dark Evening Entertainment

Autumn has arrived! Scrumptiously cooler days are here, and with them come darker evenings. And what do darker evenings mean? They mean it’s time for the season of indoor entertainment. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Dark Evening Entertainment

Ladyguide: Dried Orange Slices

It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn! I swear I wasn’t going to say the “C” word. I promise. Now that autumn is here and there are less than three months until The Festivity That Shall Not Be Named, I am already wanting to bring some loveliness into our home. Mr. Juniper could be heard exclaiming, “But it’s not even Halloween yet!” Dried orange slices? They would be acceptable, wouldn’t they? Very autumnal? Not exclusively linked with The Festivity That Shall Not Be Named? “No autumn wreaths, though!” he said. We shall see, Mr. Juniper. We shall see. Read More Ladyguide: Dried Orange Slices

Medieval Gingerbread, Perfect for a Modern Autumn

Medieval gingerbread is one of my specialties.

It’s very easy to make and produces a lot of end product to share with family and friends. It’s a sweet or confection, not a cookie/cake like modern gingerbread. And sticky. You can also shape it, so it can be an especially pretty dessert.

Pictures and recipe after the jump!

Read More Medieval Gingerbread, Perfect for a Modern Autumn

Lunchtime Poll: Your Favorite Part of Fall

Ok, so it’s not officially fall for another week or so, but the trees in my backyard are already changing colors and it’s getting down into the 40s at night here, so close enough. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Your Favorite Part of Fall

Favorite Fall Foods

The reason I want to write broadly about fall foods, apart from the little thrill an alliterative title gives me, is because today was the first really chilly day of the year and I hated it and I need a reason to enjoy this ridiculously cold season. So here’s an ode to fall foods, the rich bits of savory and sweet goodness that make sweater weather something other than an endless hell of frost and red, wind-burned ears. Read More Favorite Fall Foods

Recipe Review: Curried Coconut Lentil Soup

This week I am trying something new. Instead of posting one of “my own” recipes (in quotation marks because I know I did not come up with them out of the blue, I’ve just been making them for so long that they are probably nothing like the original source material that I’ve forgotten by now anyway), I will be reviewing a new recipe I tried. I found this one for a great curried coconut lentil soup via foodgawker and it was the warm colors coupled with the deliciousness potential that drew me in. Read More Recipe Review: Curried Coconut Lentil Soup