Unecessary Pink LadyBeer is Unecessary

In a panic because ladies aren’t downing beer like the menz, Molson Coors is continuing its brand assault against good beer by introducing a frothy pink confection they’ve nonsensically named Animèe. I hate to break it to Coors, but I’m pretty sure ladies don’t drink their beer because it’s swill, not because it’s not pink.  Read More Unecessary Pink LadyBeer is Unecessary

What is Rape Culture?

We’ve had a few posts this week using this tag, and we’re getting some backlash.   Some folks get pretty testy when the concept of rape culture is brought up, and while my natural inclination is to be not nice, I’m going to try a slightly different track – education.   Read More What is Rape Culture?

You Complete Me Internet

Link round up!  News, goodies, fun stuff and weirdness we found on the web to share with you.  Read More You Complete Me Internet