International Women’s Issues: Let’s Give Thanks

After explaining last week’s post topic to my mother, she suggested that I write about something cheerful this week. “It’s Thanksgiving ““ write about what we should be thankful for in women’s rights!” It’s a pretty good idea. The news that gets airtime is usually bad news, and at least in the U.S., the recent conservative onslaught against women’s rights can sometimes be overwhelming. Still, there are good things happening, albeit perhaps not in the U.S. at the moment. Which is why I’ll look internationally, and focus this week on advancements, both globally and regionally, in women’s rights. Read More International Women’s Issues: Let’s Give Thanks

Bum’s the Word

Q: I’ve been toying with the idea of anal sex for MONTHS, literally months, and I can’t get up the courage to try it. Baby steps, yes, but taking that final leap still freaks me out for some reason. I think it’s a combo of the poo issue and the horror stories you hear about rips/tears, etc. Read More Bum’s the Word

We Try It: Greek Yogurt

So, I’ve been into plain yogurt for quite some time. A good friend of mine pretty much steered me in this direction when he returned from a foreign country several years ago and told me he couldn’t eat flavored yogurt anymore. After more than a year of plain-yogurt consumption, he found that the food-colored, artificially flavored kind so popular in the US tasted terrible to him. Read More We Try It: Greek Yogurt

Cooking 101: Baby Steps

Probably the most common thing I hear from people who don’t want to (or don’t think they can) cook on a regular basis is that they don’t know where to start. I’d say the number two comment is that they don’t see why they should cook, when there is so much prepared food available. Before I give a little advice on how to take some first steps into home cooking, I wanted to share why I think cooking is important, and why it feels so good to do it. Read More Cooking 101: Baby Steps