We Try It: Quorn’s Bacon Style Slices

A lot of vegetarians I know miss the flavor of bacon and it is one of the hardest tastes to replicate when cooking. Unfortunately, for the most part, fake bacon just doesn’t pass muster; the texture, taste, and saltiness just don’t match. Now Quorn, maker of assorted imitation meats, has thrown its hat into the ring with an artificial bacon product called Bacon Style Slices. Read More We Try It: Quorn’s Bacon Style Slices

Soup of the Day: Fasolka

I have to admit that I like canned soups and stews. It’s all kinds of wrong, but the enormous (and not particularly healthy) amounts of salt that go in them are a guilty pleasure for me. Still, as much as I like canned Fasolka (Polish bean stew), I can honestly say that my husband’s homemade version is the best. Read More Soup of the Day: Fasolka

Climate Change on Our Dinner Plates

Bacon, the Official Food of the Internet (meat division) is in trouble – and it’s not alone! This week saw several news stories about the potential impacts of climate change and increased carbon dioxide emissions on the foods we eat. From the sea to the land, our delicious meats and some of our delicious grains seem to be feeling the effects of a changing world. What exactly these changes mean for us and for the ecosystem is still murky, but observing and tracking them now is crucial for our ability to adapt to them. Read More Climate Change on Our Dinner Plates

The Best Damned Baked Beans Ever

This past weekend, I attended a barbecue with some of the other people in my doctoral program to watch some college football and eat some delicious food. I asked the hostess, who is one of my favorite people ever, if she already had someone bringing baked beans. She made a concerned face and said, “You know, I always have beans, but nobody ever eats them.” Well, challenge accepted, lady, because I will be bringing the best damned baked beans anyone has ever tasted, and everyone will eat them. Read More The Best Damned Baked Beans Ever

One Quiche to Rule Them All

Attention Persephone readers: the Morbid Curiosity food column will not be appearing today. Why? Did Jen run out of old cookbooks with unusual recipes? Did she finally destroy her stomach lining? No! Of course not! It’s because I made a lovely quiche this week, and I’d rather talk about that instead. That sounds like a good enough reason to me! Read More One Quiche to Rule Them All

Morbid Curiosity: Bacon Roll Sunburst

Guys, I know this may come as a shock to you, but this bacon-based food-like substance? It actually tasted pretty damn good! Granted,  it’s probably the most artery-cloggingest thing (possibly tied with the Savory Meat Loaf) I have made so far. I have outlined my reasoning for this statement in the form of a short list: Read More Morbid Curiosity: Bacon Roll Sunburst