Science News: 9/10/13

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Some of the greatest videos you will ever watch are in this week’s edition of science news (and only one of them will make you feel dirty). Plus, we’ve got the latest news from Mars, volcanoes in unexpected places, and P-Mag readers will be excited to learn the identity of the “best living science communicator.” (Spoiler alert — he’s also damn … Read More

[E] HillaryScience News: 9/10/13

Science News: 6/4/13

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We finally have proof that there used to be water on Mars, but we’ve also learned that it may be more dangerous than we thought to send astronauts to actually visit the planet. Dinosaurs turned into birds even earlier than we once thought, and you may have feet like an ape! Intrigued? Let’s go, it’s science news time!

[E] HillaryScience News: 6/4/13

Open Letter to People Who Pee on Toilet Seats

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Dear Inconsiderate Pissers, This week I have sat on no fewer than five toilets covered in pee in train stations, mall bathrooms, airports, and in restaurants. It seems that everywhere I go, one of you has left me a present to marinate my butt in. Well, I’m tired of cleaning up other people’s piss.

ThelmaOpen Letter to People Who Pee on Toilet Seats

What a Batch of Kombucha Can Do For You (and How to “Start” Your Own)

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When I was younger, I would often hang out with some kids from the nature center where I volunteered. Being around a family of ethically sensitive hippie types in Southeastern Oklahoma was a bit like heaven for me, but I never did understand the stinky and frankly startling brew the family drank everyday. Until now!

Jamie J. HagenWhat a Batch of Kombucha Can Do For You (and How to “Start” Your Own)

Arsenic and Losing Face

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Scientists are all in a tizzy over the so-called arsenic-based bacteria NASA claims to have found in California’s Mono Lake (which Sara B. briefed us on earlier in the week), and those of us hoping for reassurance that we are not alone may have to take comfort in our well-worn E.T. VHS and our Aliens versus Predator comics. It would … Read More

Meghan WilliamsArsenic and Losing Face