Animated Ladyghosts: X-Men, S1, “Deadly Reunions”

The episode starts with Charles being all up in Sabertooth’s brain, which is full of torment and having been betrayed by everyone he knows. There is a trippy montage of the inside of Sabertooth’s brain, which involves people turning into weird demon-things, and Sabertooth and Charles melding into a bald version of Sabertooth in a labcoat. Perhaps this was not the best episode to recap while drinking schnapps and cranberry juice. Read More Animated Ladyghosts: X-Men, S1, “Deadly Reunions”

Animated Ladyghosts: X-Men, S1, “Enter Magneto”

Welcome back to the X-Men Recaps! This week: “Entering Magneto.” The episode starts with Beast in prison reading Animal Farm, where the guards proceed to make fun of him. Why can’t they just leave Beast alone? Read More Animated Ladyghosts: X-Men, S1, “Enter Magneto”

Persephone Pioneers: Morgane Richardson

Morgane Richardson is shaking it up. As a self-described “fourth-wave feminist” who takes on issues of race, gender, sexuality, sans the theory and terminology, Morgane is making an impact wherever she goes. As the founder of Refuse the Silence: Women of Color in Academia Speak Out, she has created a space that allows women who have experienced the isolation of liberal arts institutions to come and speak their truths. Read More Persephone Pioneers: Morgane Richardson

Middlemarch Madness: The Final Four

We’re just 48 hours away from knowing the winner of the inaugural run of Persephone Magazine’s Middlemarch Madness, and boy has it been a ride!  I’m not sure if tonight’s results will have any surprises, but let’s click on and meet the winners anyway, shall we? Read More Middlemarch Madness: The Final Four

LTP: 3/28

Where the hell did March go?  Weren’t we JUST in February?  Time flies when you’re trying to be a ladyblog, for sure.   Today’s lunchtime poll is about pets.   I am a huge animal person.  Right now, it’s only cats at the MacIntosh house, but I’ve owned a good number of dogs and loved all sorts of other critters in my day. Read More LTP: 3/28

Badass Women’s History: Jerri Nielsen

The posts that so many other awesome Persephoneers have been making for Women’s History Month have left me feeling so inspired. History is not my strongest subject: dates and names don’t tend to stick very well in my mind, I have found myself struggling with history papers and exams for years “¦ and yet, I have a list about a mile and a half long of badass ladies in history that I am just waiting to find the time to blog about. What better time to start than now? Read More Badass Women’s History: Jerri Nielsen