News Appetizers: This is a TwatWaffle-Free Zone

Kittens, welcome the hell back. This week, I’m pretty sure that the world is actively trying to piss me off, or maybe its just the collection of pissed off that has just come to a point, but let’s just say I need the world to just get it together. Read More News Appetizers: This is a TwatWaffle-Free Zone

About A Bomb

When reading Middle Eastern news, one must always ask themselves this question, “Who will get rich and who will get hurt?” The answer, though often predictable, gives a clear and concise way to sort through the muck that can be weighed down by the region’s heavy censorship laws and long-winded official reports. Read More About A Bomb

Western Apathy Towards Violence Highlighted in Bahrain

It seems that if you’re King Khalifa, you just can’t go wrong these days. The strategic location of Bahrain, a country that he rules with swift and bloody efficacy, has rendered him practically immune to not only public condemnation, but international sanctions as well. Read More Western Apathy Towards Violence Highlighted in Bahrain

Women Risking it All

As clashes and uprisings continue throughout the Middle East, much of the attention of the world audience has waned. The news cycle has once again focused on celebrities, politics, and the common household item that you’re probably using right now that may kill you. Yet clashes are still raging on and women, the long overlooked warriors of this fight, are still accomplishing amazing feats in the name of liberty. Read More Women Risking it All

A Troubling Silence in Bahrain

It was only three weeks ago that tens of thousands of demonstrators went marching through the streets of Bahrain. They were congregating at Pearl Roundabout, protesting at the embassies and camping out to hold their ground. Read More A Troubling Silence in Bahrain

Brutal Crackdows Reach Bahrain

Protests in Bahrain, which had remained relatively peaceful in the last week or so, turned deadly in late hours of March 15th and 16th. Around 500 protesters who had been camping at Pearl Roundabout (basically a smaller version Tahrir Sq.) were woken up with not just gunfire, but helicopters, tanks, and a huge police presence readily assembled. As the makeshift city burned to the ground, women, children, and men were both shot at and beaten. Embedded journalists have not given their names, doctors fear going outside, and it is only 24 hours on that we are seeing just how brutal their use of force was. I warn you now, many of the links in this article will all contain graphic images so click at your own discretion. Read More Brutal Crackdows Reach Bahrain