Nerdy Adventures in Cooking: Miss Martian Cookies

In addition to my many geeky hobbies (anime, video games, comics, etc.), I also enjoy cooking and baking. Whether or not I’m great at it is up for debate, but I definitely enjoy it. So what better way to pursue my love of cooking than by exploring new and interesting avenues therein? From that sentiment was born… Nerdy Adventures in Cooking. (Full disclosure: I first got the idea while baking bread that I saw on the anime Yakitate!! Japan That will probably be a future entry.) Read More Nerdy Adventures in Cooking: Miss Martian Cookies

Crowdsourced Cherry Saffron Scones

On a recent trip to HomeGoods, where I bought every attractive thing in my home at bargain prices, I picked up a teeny-tiny jar of saffron threads. I’ve never eaten anything with saffron in it, but for $3, I figured I should try it at least once. Read More Crowdsourced Cherry Saffron Scones

Chocolate of the Day: Better than Sex Cookies

Giant cookies filled with chocolate, nuts, and coconut? Y’all, this is my favorite cookie recipe of all time. I found it in one of my parents’ cookbooks sometime in high school and it is just SO good. Alas, I have no idea which one; it’s been… a while and Google was less than forthcoming; I had to have my mom find a copy I’d typed out ages ago and read it to me over the phone since my print-out is in storage. When I used to make them at my dad’s coffeehouse in college, a few of my friends would chase me into the kitchen and grab them off the tray as I pulled them out of the oven. And normally I hate coconut, but it works so well in these. And did I mention they’re freaking HUGE? Read More Chocolate of the Day: Better than Sex Cookies

We Try It: Sharknado Cupcakes!

With my sea creature-loving son turning six earlier this month, I had to show him the recipe I’d stumbled upon in my Pinterest travels: Sharknado Cupcakes. He laughed, and immediately requested that I make them for his classroom treat.

Read More We Try It: Sharknado Cupcakes!