News in Asia!

PAKISTAN (BBC) The shooting of a 14-year-old activist has sparked outrage, both in Pakistan and abroad. On Tuesday, Malala Yousafzai, a campaigner for girls’ rights, was shot in the head while walking home from school in the Swat Valley in northwest Pakistan. Read More News in Asia!

Lunchtime Poll – 1/19

Afternoon, everyone!  I am cranky today.  It is like 3 degrees outside, it’s dirty and cloudy and there has been a Mack truck revving its engine outside my window for the last 20 minutes and I’m about to go outside and punch the driver.  And that’s why today’s Lunchtime Poll is Anywhere But Here.  Where would you like to be right now, readers?  Does it tend towards the more mundane, like back in your bed? Is it somewhere exotic like Bali?  Is it somewhere specific, or just general?

My answer is: Somewhere tropical that has a nice beach.  Hawaii maybe, but not somewhere with a lot of tourists.  Preferably somewhere that has limited cars and that’s too small for trucks to drive by. And ideally with some sort of umbrella drink in my hand, but I’m not picky.

How about you?

Beautiful Balinese Girls Bring You the Daily Goodie

Good morning, sunshines! Hope the coffee was hot and the commute painless on this last Monday before Christmas.  We’re working on a shorter day for the next two weeks while our various contributors are scattered around the globe being festive.  While we poke the hamster wheel to get the content flowing, have a look at these beautiful little girls learning to dance in Bali, after the cut. Read More Beautiful Balinese Girls Bring You the Daily Goodie