Who Hates Gatsby?

By Gatsby, I mean the Great One. You know, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby. The Great Gatsby. So here we are. I read The Great Gatsby junior year in school. I even had the good fortune of an English teacher who chose to show us the 1974 movie version. My opinion of the book was not particularly high, mostly because it was AP English exam year, I had to write about a dozen essays about the book, and then the movie kind of killed it for me. Everyone was very sweaty, overly shiny with money and clothes, and the partying and excess was sickening. I later described the experience as eating too much cake frosting. Read More Who Hates Gatsby?

Sunscreen Math: Is SPF 30 Twice as Good as SPF 15?

Summer is coming, and if you’re as pasty as I am you may have already gotten your first hint of sunburn this year (since after all, the days are just as long now as in mid-August, though it likely doesn’t feel anywhere near as hot yet). It’s time to go stock up on sunscreen, but you may notice that the labels look a bit different this year. Here’s why. Read More Sunscreen Math: Is SPF 30 Twice as Good as SPF 15?