Positivity Challenge Week 9: Finding a Happy Place

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Oh, the elusive Happy Place. Sometimes used as an emotional retreat from trauma, sometimes as a mental break from outside stressors, and sometimes as a physical location where one can tune off the outside world. Creating and cultivating a Happy Place for yourself, both mentally and physically, can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your … Read More

Crystal ColemanPositivity Challenge Week 9: Finding a Happy Place

More Vegan Beach Food! Sandwich Edition

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Biking to the beach on the weekend is becoming a habit for my girlfriend and I as of late. Did you know you can jump on your bike in Brooklyn and be at a beach in less than two hours? It’s true! And as much as I’d love to just drink tallboys and eat a plate of fries every time … Read More

Jamie J. HagenMore Vegan Beach Food! Sandwich Edition

Welcome to the Beach: a Ladyguide

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It’s summer! (Well, kind of.) Hooray! Time to enjoy all the wonderful things that June, July, and August have to offer, like delicious in-season fruit, finally letting your arms and legs see the light of day, and super-fun trips to the beach!

[E] RachelWelcome to the Beach: a Ladyguide

Polyvore Outfits: Vintage Ladies of Yore

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If any of you pal around on Polyvore, you’ve probably noticed that all the “cool” Polyvore users (well, I assume they’re cool, because they’re the ones winning contests to style models in NYC for fashion week) copy images from Vogue, et. al., use them as backgrounds, and add products to recreate the style of the models in the photographs.

Meghan WilliamsPolyvore Outfits: Vintage Ladies of Yore

Daily Goodie: 1/20

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We’re going to warmer, sunnier places again today, readers.  This time we’re taking a visual field trip to the future Persephone offices where we shall wear sandals all year round and eat peaches we grow ourselves.

[E] Selena MacIntosh*Daily Goodie: 1/20