Friday News Bites: Umpqua and Election Updates, Nobel Prizes + More

Greetings, everyone. This week, I have lots of links related to the Umpqua Community College shooting and other matters of gun violence, but we’ve got a few bright spots to cover too, so let’s get started.

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Friday News Bites: Bugs! Bears! Barrowman! Ohhh Myyy.

Despite my silly headline, we do have some serious stories to cover this week. Let’s get to those first, and you shall be rewarded with some amusing stories to see you into the weekend.

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Friday News Bites: More Marriage Equality

Happy Friday, everyone! Are you suffering from a candy hangover? A regular hangover? Well, let’s take it easy on you and offer up some good news to end your week.

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Science News: 8/20/13

It’s been a few weeks since we last covered science news, so I tried to just hit the highlights. What sort of highlights, you might ask? Pink planets, baby orangutans, the olinguito (obviously), and a bear hoedown. Get ready for the awesomeness! Read More Science News: 8/20/13

Science News: 9/11/12

It’s science news time again, y’all! We’ve got a couple of the coolest self-portraits ever, alcoholic tree shrews (see if you can spot my truly terrible Shakespeare joke!), and intelligent sharks. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to PMag! Read More Science News: 9/11/12

Science News Update: 6/19/12

Damn, has it been a busy week for science! We’ve learned about the possibility that our oldest known cave paintings may not have been made by humans after all, Voyager 1 is on the verge of leaving our solar system and traveling into the unknown reaches of interstellar space, and China has sent its first woman astronaut into space. Plus, intelligent bears, three stories about lobsters, an unexpected environmental battle, and the weirdest freaking picture I’ve seen in a long time. And more!  Read More Science News Update: 6/19/12

Science News Roundup: 4/17/12

Sometimes I have trouble finding enough interesting science stories to fill up this post, but the last two weeks have been chock-full of cool news! Hopefully we’ll have something to tickle everyone’s fancy. Unless y’all hate dinosaurs and penguins, which I highly doubt. :) Read More Science News Roundup: 4/17/12